Random People Admit To The Most Horrifying Things They’ve Ever Witnessed


There are just some disgusting scenes in this world that you can’t unsee. A lot of times, it’s a super fucked-up situation. Like last week, when my sexy real girlfriend saw somebody jump in front of a train in a New York subway station. Really fucked up her entire week. Mine was great, though!

Shifting a little bit from the sexual Reddit threads, here are some of the most horrifying things people wish they could unsee, but can’t.

From Reddit:

Former funeral home worker here. Of all the horrific situations I’ve encountered, this one pretty much takes the cake.

We had picked up the body of a woman who was found outdoors after she had been down approximately 2 weeks from the local coroners office. She was severely decomposed and absolutely covered in maggots. I could hear them writhing and chewing before I had even opened her body bag (which ripped considerably in transit). No big deal. Nothing I haven’t dealt with before.

After completing the check in process, we moved her to a large, human sized cardboard box, as she was to be cremated when we had acquired all the legal paperwork to do so. Because there was a maggot infestation, we had to essentially wrestle her into another body bag inside her box to prevent contamination of the other bodies in the cooler. This was no simple task. She was in a very contorted position; knees severely bent, spread eagle. As I was pressing down on one of her knees so we could zip the bag, I heard a farting noise. Bodies expel gas often, no surprises there. When I looked to see how close my coworker was to getting her zipped up, I watched her lower abdomen quiver followed by a brief blast of maggots and brown fluid that sprayed from her vagina. The blast covered a good three foot radius, including a fair amount of my workspace and equipment, myself, and coworker. Needless to say, lots of retching and cleaning ensued.

TL;DR watched a corpse violently sneeze maggots from its vagina

The wonders of the afterlife!

Witnessed a man shoot himself. Had a man come into a gun store I was at, purchase a fire arm, walk out into the parking lot, load the gun, and shoot himself. This was a week before X-mas. He didn’t die right away either, he knocked out the right side of his head and eye, but was still alive. He died 3 days later. Came to find out that he had come from his dr where he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He hadn’t even gone home to tell his family yet. I’ll never forget how calm he was when he walked in. He had made up his mind I guess.

Fuck. That’s heavy, man.

The look in my dogs eyes when the vet injected the sleeping medication, right before the medication to stop his heart. He gave me 12 fucking years of unending love and I was not home the evening he got sick. He must have paced the house for hours in agony.

While I was playing board games his body was failing. By the time I arrived he couldn’t sit or lie down, and he tried to bite me when I carried him to the car.

I still see him when I close my eyes. Telling me it’s alright. I miss him terribly.

His name was Ford. He was a Rotti-Doberman cross.


I testified at my ex-boyfriends murder trial. His defense was trying to claim that the blood which covered his bed was mine (from menstruation). His lawyers asked me if I had ever had sex with him while on my period. I answered yes. They asked if I bled on the bed. I answered yes. When the prosecution had their turn, she came up with a photograph of the blood stained bed, shoved it right in front of me and said something like “could all of this blood really be yours?” The entire thing was covered. It definitely looked like someone was murdered on that bed. I promptly answered “no.”

I’ll never forget that image.

Period sex as a murder defense. TKillersM.

My ex-wife’s google search history.

edit* Since everyone is asking: I was trying to find out the name of a place we had eaten dinner and instead found she had been searching for hotels and motels around our town an awful lot. Also found out she had googled about Plan B. Short story ends with affair, divorce, single/drinking/despair, now I’m with a new girl for the past year and extremely happy.:)

Never log in to your significant others’ computers.

I was in a very crowded traffic court, squished on the benches along with everyone else. Butts together, elbows occasionally hitting, that kind of seating.

The girl on my right was against the wall, and we were on the furthest bench. It was kind of a shaded corner. This girl had already made me uncomfortable with her appearance. Greasy hair in a messy ponytail, the female equivalent of a wife-beater top, face full of meth mouth, and some shorts that looked like underwear from where I was sitting.

So when she started fidgeting next to me, I tried my best to ignore it. But then she started pressing her whole body against me, leaning so she could lift her right leg up against the wall.

At that point I coughed politely and gently nudged her away from me, still not looking. She acted as if she didn’t notice, still fidgeting.

Finally I had had enough. We were supposed to be quiet, but I didn’t care. I turned my head to speak, and was horrified into silence.

I looked down and saw her hand in her lap, clearly down her pants, almost violently scratching her vagina. Still without noticing me, she took out her hand, sniffed it, and then stuck her fingers in her mouth and started suckling.

I immediately forcefully moved the person to my left with my ass and gave myself and that girl a good two feet of distance. Then I looked around me at everyone with “Tell me you’re seeing this shit” eyes. No one was looking.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw her start to go at it again.

Nope. I got up and left and told an officer outside the courtroom. She was escorted out a few minutes later. I went back and got a seat much closer to the front.

Coincidentally, that is also how to get out of jury duty.

My mom asked me to take some laundry up to her room while I was home from Uni this summer. Glanced at the headboard, it was basically a smorgasbord of bondage gear.

Moms like it rough.

My grandparents having sex. It was horrifying, disturbing and quite beautiful that they still were attracted to each other enough to bump uglies.

Aw yeah. Get it on, Nana!

On a family trip when I was about 7, we visited Niagara Falls. A guy was standing next to me as we both looked over the railing. I remember this part very clearly; he looked down at me, smiled almost wistfully, climbed over the railing, and jumped.

That’s a painful way to go.

Myself giving birth.

It’s a beautiful life moment!

2 girls 1cup and my mother naked. why? why didn’t you lock the door?

Moms like it kinky, too.

A kid I knew back in the 80s wearing the short Adidas shorts following everybody jumping over a fence. It had been jumped a hundred times before that so it was bent up and run down with broken links that had sharp rusty metal and as the second to last kid to go over he was being fancy and trying to leap it in one bound rather than the spring board technique the rest of us used. He got caught by the nuts on this fence. We all stood there with our jaws dropped. That is something 30 years hasn’t erased the vision of yet.

Ripped scrotums FTW.

Found an SD card (at a cabin in the forest that we’ve rented for decades) with my dad fingerbanging/cunnilingus with some woman I never seen before.

My mom & dad are still married, but to be honest its the wedding ring that really messed with me (in the video) & why I wish I could unsee it.

Yeah we still go to the cabin sometimes. Its weird making breakfast with the rest of the family on that countertop.

Stay away from all of dad’s electronics if you are going to be judgmental about what you find.

My own butthole. I bent over in a mirror and just looked at it. I disgust myself.

Buttholes were never meant to be seen.

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    Saw a driver get launched from a car when it was T-bone’d. It’s not as graphic as watching a vagina violently sneeze maggots, but seeing it was pretty disturbing.

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