Rich Kid Flaunts Wealth On Instagram, Arsonists Set His Luxury Cars On Fire

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I have a personal hatred for the losers who use social media to boost their own ego and flaunt the wealth they may or may not possess. Apparently, I’m not the only one who believes these kids are dumbasses.

Earlier this month, a self-proclaimed “Rich Kid of Instagram” witnessed four of his luxury vehicles go up in flames, thanks to the work of several masked men.

From The Telegraph:

The 19-year-old leased a new £340,000 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster for a wedding on June 6 but it was torched a few hours later outside a house in Luton, Beds.

Three hooded men pulled up to the house around 1am in a Mercedes 4×4 and doused the Lamborghini in petrol, CCTV images revealed.

The following week three more of his luxury cars, worth £200,000, were destroyed in a second attack close to his father’s Platinum Executive Travel firm in Yardley, Birmingham.

Two Audi R8 Spyder supercars and a Bentley Flying Spur were burned out and the attack was again caught on CCTV.

Shocking. You basically gave the world access to your life and told them exactly what you possess (or leased, hah) and expect no one to respond to your taunting? Affluence obviously does not correlate with intelligence in this case.

The little shit even believed he was attacked out of “jealousy.”

“I’m not sure if it’s an attack on my family because they would have come directly after me or my family if that was the case.

“However, I do believe it could be a vile act of jealously towards my business or it could just be mindless vandals on an arson spree.

“Either way, one thing is for sure they will be caught and when they do I suggest you sit back and enjoy the show because they will be going down for a long time.”

Just to add fuel to the fire, during post-arson TV interviews, the Instagramming bastard continued to drop little hints of his wealth.

“Fortunately the driver was in the house at the time but this could have endangered lives, there could have been dead bodies.

The police do not have any suspects, and “Lord Aleem” is still shamelessly flaunting on Instagram, despite being “shaken” following the incidents.

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I hoped this kid would learn a lesson from watching four luxury cars go up in flames, but I can’t imagine anything will change in this kid’s world anytime soon.

[via The Telegraph]

Image via Instagram

      1. geed_N_proud

        Why don’t you talk to me when you can break even. Oh wait, you can’t even break 90.

        10 years ago at 2:40 pm
      2. eoufratdaddy

        He wants to be Frat. Hes one of those no bid, gdi, pussy, creep, fucking lingerer.

        10 years ago at 1:32 pm
  1. JohnFratYatesSommers

    Look I hate a good social media douche as much as the next guy, but this jealous, spiteful, hating someone for having more than you kind of shit is something I’d expect from an occupy protester.

    10 years ago at 2:26 pm
    1. AbrahamDrinkoln

      Occupy protesters are the new hippies. They blow harder than Dorn’s mom.

      10 years ago at 2:47 pm
      1. JohnFratYatesSommers

        It’s funny, I honestly don’t even know if the occupy protests are still going on.. I just use it as a catch-all term for liberal complainers who want to “stick it to the man.”

        10 years ago at 4:05 pm
  2. Mr. Manager

    Who cares if he posts stuff he buys on Instagram? Everyone has done it- especially Dan Bilzerian, who we all know is a badass. They were obviously jealous

    10 years ago at 2:39 pm
    1. BlueCupsAreLiberal

      Dan Bilzerian served our country. He can do whatever the fuck he wants.

      10 years ago at 5:21 pm
      1. ZeteNJ

        Thanks to men and women like Dan Bilzerian, we can all do whatever the fuck we want.

        10 years ago at 6:09 pm
      1. OcciferJimLahey

        He’d probably just grab them by the vagina and throw them off the fucking roof.

        10 years ago at 9:58 pm
  3. AbrahamDrinkoln

    Twenty bucks says he wears cargo shorts. That’s basically asking for it.

    10 years ago at 2:44 pm
      1. AbrahamDrinkoln

        Your slam already owes a 20 spot for all the beer I had to drink until she was bangable. How about I take your money and call it a wash?

        10 years ago at 4:11 pm
  4. JackDanielsrunning

    Hopefully no one sees pictures of my 2011 honda insight on Instagram otherwise I’m out 14k

    10 years ago at 2:57 pm
    1. BradleyUpperCrust

      Couldn’t disagree more. You lease car’s so you can get the newest model every three years.

      10 years ago at 3:50 am