Rich Man’s Nose Collapses from Nine Years of Daily Cocaine Use

Dude had it all: a fortune, a sweet ride, early retirement, a nice spread in Portugal, a well-structured nose. His cocaine addiction got the best of him, though. James Brown, the handsome gentleman pictured below, has spent the last nine years snorting his life away, daily. His nose finally threw in the towel, or tissue as the case may be. I didn’t even know this was possible, but it collapsed.

The 45-year-old has now been jailed for five years after a haul of cocaine was found hidden in the air vents and folding roof of his luxury Bentley. Brown was arrested by police in his Bentley Continental convertible as he stayed in a luxury hotel.

But he snorted so much cocaine on a daily basis it led to paranoia, heart problems and severe deformity of his nose at the drug ate away the cartilage of his septum in his nostrils. He said Brown ‘became paranoid’ about his own safety and acquired the haul of illegal handguns.

So, James had a paranoia problem BEFORE his nose caved in like someone took a sledgehammer to it? He’ll also be close to broke after this whole mess is sorted out, I’m sure. Good luck recovering from this one.

Drugs are bad for you, guys.



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      Dear God I hope youre not trying to quote a Daniel Tosh joke because you butchered it.

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