Ridiculous Tinder Pickup Lines

Ridiculous Tinder Pickup Lines, Part 219

Ridiculous Tinder Pickup Lines

Crazy things can happen when you swipe right.

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There’s no way this guy ever expected such a response
He’s going for it
Damn, Sam
Bad opener here

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Good opener here
Bizarre opener here
He doubled down
Sounds uncomfortable
Nice try, schmuck
  1. Fratty Couples PGA

    Raw dogging is the best, hands down. Find a girl that lets you hit it raw.

    5 years ago at 5:02 pm
    1. SharkWeekTFM

      I dunno if I have an oral fixation or what. I always choose the beej. Don’t at me @ just wondering if I’m the only one.

      5 years ago at 11:38 am
      1. Fratty Couples PGA

        There is something immensely satisfying about shooting a bunch of ropes on a girl’s face. I’ll give you that.

        5 years ago at 6:52 pm
      2. SigmaNugs311

        Not sure you’re catching what he’s throwing chief. Don’t worry Sharkweek, you’re not alone.

        5 years ago at 10:15 am
      3. Fratty Couples PGA

        Wait, doesn’t an oral fixation involve one’s own mouth? Oh wait, I see now. 😉

        5 years ago at 1:09 pm
    2. richdaddybowtiefrat

      Hey Fratty Couples, your mom knows all about raw dogging. She be getting kinda desperate recently for that old money dope dick. When you’re an old money fratstar like me, they just let you do whatever. Typing this from a muthafucking Rarri while getting a hummer from the hottest piece of ass you’ve ever jerked your chode to, get on my levels pleebs #blessed #moneyovereverything #itslavishbitch

      5 years ago at 10:35 pm
      1. Fratty Couples PGA

        I’m not sure how you define “old money,” richdaddy, but I’d have to say that under 99% of definitions I’m old money. #bornrichdiericher

        5 years ago at 1:07 pm
  2. AndrewsMomsAss

    Yesterday I walked in on my grandmother sucking my grandfather’s dick! I just don’t understand why it wasn’t cremated with the rest of him! Ha ha I’m going to put that on Facebook!

    5 years ago at 4:23 am
  3. Butanefratoil

    “I’ll choke you with this donkey rope” is one of the gayest things I’ve ever seen, and I’m definitely stealing that line when I’m playing Xbox with the bros

    5 years ago at 8:49 am