Gronk Joins Instagram, Instantly Picks Up Hundreds Of Thousands Of Followers With Single Post

Lock the doors, cover the windows and prepare yourselves for another offseason of Gronk — this time on Instagram. New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has finally joined the gram game, and let’s just say his first post is everything you’d hoped for and more. Yeah, there’s a little bit of the NFL Pro Bowler showing off his offseason workout, but there’s much more of Gronk being Gronk.

A video posted by Rob Gronkowski (@gronk) on

You glorious bastard.

Everyone else starts with a “durrrrr trying out this Instagram thing durrrrrrrrr” post and Gronk drops fire like this.

An hour after launching his Instagram account and posting his first video, Gronkowski was already well over 355,000 followers. Quick, check the record books.

This is gonna be an account to follow. If we’ve learned anything from his Twitter account it’s that he’s not afraid of posts that some would find inappropriate.

I’m especially excited for this now because Instagram opens up a whole new world of women to Gronk — Instahoes. Nowhere else in the world will you find so many thirsty wannabe models waiting for an athlete to slide into their DMs. Gronk is the perfect man for the job. This is only beginning to the Gronk on Insta saga.

      1. SirCarlosIII

        It would definitely be more entertaining than those air-headed wannabe model fuckdolls we constantly fed with.

        8 years ago at 2:32 pm
  1. AlphaSigmaGuy

    nothing better than the man who doesn’t have a snapchat because “he will get too many nudes”

    8 years ago at 2:21 pm
    1. Frat----

      How is that a power move? Everyone knows Gronk is the first part of his last name

      8 years ago at 9:32 pm