Roger Goodell’s Childhood Babysitter Also Thought He Was A Huge Piece Of Shit


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has worse public approval ratings than Obama with the children in Aleppo, but has he always been the subject of disdain from his peers? According to his childhood babysitter, yes.

Janet Durby, a perfect ’60s babysitter name, admitted this much to her local newspaper in Massachusetts this week, saying ole Rog was a rotten little piece of shit as a child, in coded old people speak.

From the MetroWest Daily News:

When I was in high school I frequently babysat for the U.S. Congressman next door who had five little boys. The toddler of particular interest to New England Patriots fans was Roger Goodell. Yes, that Roger Goodell. He was a sour child, rarely laughing or running around like his brothers. If I had only been prescient I would have taught him that it is a sign of weakness to be overly concerned with personal power.

Oh, baby. Even as a child, Goodell had no interest in fun and games. It was all about building his childhood brand, a brand that would one day grow into the second worst personal brand of all-time — barely in front of Pol Pot and just trailing Darren Rovell.

Goodell can’t publicly respond to this accusation, or else Janet will tell his mom he was being bad and he will get a stern talking to and a whipping. Nobody likes a tattle tale, but in this case, I’m on team Janet no matter what.

[via MetroWest Daily News]

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      1. Pete_Jones

        Mid-day comment from Dorn. Interesting. What happened, they decide to hold recess inside today?

        6 years ago at 1:34 pm
      2. AriGold9

        The Grandex layoffs were Dorn’s idea. No one loves putting people out of work more than Dorn. People won’t forget this, Dorn. Long live Boosh and Dan Regs. Boosh and Dan are probably homeless right now and it’s all your fault. Thanks a lot, Dorn. You reason should put others before yourself, Dorn. Stop being selfish, Dorn. Even Bacon is nicer than you, Dorn.

        6 years ago at 1:35 pm
      3. ZeteNJ

        Wait, they let Boosh go too? Honestly, where else is he going to get a job you heartless fucks?

        6 years ago at 6:43 pm
      4. Sigma Alpha Egg sandwich

        Dorno! What’s your moms email address? I need it for research purposes.

        6 years ago at 11:50 pm
  1. AGBro

    Go fuck a blender Holt. It’s amazing you survived these layoffs with articles like this

    6 years ago at 7:50 am