Unruly Spring Breakers Have Shut Down Ocean Drive In Miami

Ocean Drive In Miami Overrun By Rowdy Spring Breakers, Causes Shutdown

On Friday night, spring breakers in Miami spilled out onto Ocean Drive, causing the street to shut down.

From Miami Herald:

The ruckus began around 7 p.m. amid vacationers “partying along Lummus Park,” according to Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez. “As the sun was setting large crowds then spilled out on Ocean Drive … creating dangerous conditions not only for the pedestrians themselves but also the vehicles.”

The Miami Beach Police Department tweeted the closing — between 7th and 10th Streets — “due to large crowds.”

Police said that the crowds were unruly, didn’t listen when they told them to stop, and a few small fights broke out in the crowd. This led to a few arrests by Miami Beach PD. Although, there was no word on the exact charges or number of people who were booked.

Did Miami expect anything else to happen? If they were smart, they would have just shut the street down prior to everyone arriving, kind of like how 6th street closes off here in Austin. That’s what we call strategy and forward thinking.

Drunken, reckless behavior? ✓
A few arrests? ✓
Small fights in the crowd? ✓
Not listening to the police? ✓ ✓ ✓

Yep, must be spring break.

P.S. People spring break in Miami?

[via Miami Herald]

Image via Twitter/@MiamiBeachPD

  1. Youngmellow

    Since there are no forums…question fellas. Cancun, spring break, four days? Or puta Cana, six days, week after graduation?

    8 years ago at 9:57 am
  2. Terry Hoitz

    It wasn’t the spring breakers, it was the hoodrats of florida. None of them actually went to college.

    8 years ago at 12:45 pm