New Company Allows You To Purchase Photos Of Boobs With Customizable Messaging Written Across Them, Is Called Tittygram

Russian Website

For some, rush boobs can be tricky to obtain. They require careful timing and just the right amount of persuasion. For those of you that lack the charm to get a girl to write your fraternity’s letters across her chest, there is a solution

For no more than $10, you can find yourself looking at a nice pair of boobs, all thanks to Tittygram. The Russian website is a self-proclaimed “Uber for boobs,” allowing users to customize a 35 character or less message that is written on a pair of model’s boobs and received within an hour. Although the site has reported most messages regard birthday wishes or congrats, who’s to say they can’t be utilized for rush tits? There’s always one pledge brother who has zero game, and if it happens to be you (don’t lie to yourself), Tittygram can help. Thanks, Russia.

They even have an absurd advertisement:

However, similar to obtaining real nudes, timing is still key. Just like Uber, Tittygram has a surge charge if demand is high. According to Tittygram CEO Vladimir Gritsenko, the company boasts models from China, South America, and the United States, whose faces and nipples are never revealed. So, no one will ever know that you had to pay for those rush tits. If it makes you feel better, two percent of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

[via The Moscow Times]