Russian Schoolboy Wins Prize To Live With Porn Star, She Says They Might Bang


So Russia is a wild place. Yesterday we saw the Rich Russian Kids Of Instagram, and today we’re hearing about some awesome online competition where the winner gets to spend a whole month living with a porn star in a hotel room. The porn star that the winner gets to spend 31 beautiful days with? None other than Ekaterina Makarova, also known as Macy/Irene/about 10 other names. Okay, I didn’t know who she was either, but a quick search on the internet (yes, my job allows me to dive deep into porn sites while on the clock — God bless the USA) led me to find that she is pretty good looking.

I can’t link to her work, but if you want to find her just Google “indexxx macy.” It’s the first link that pops up.

The lucky winner that will be spending a month with her? Just some 16-year-old schoolboy named Ruslan.

From Mirror:

Fresh-faced Ruslan Schedrin, said to be 16, could spend a month in a hotel with X-rated movie actress, Ekaterina Makarova, also known as Macy Ssens.

Obviously all anyone wants to know is if they’re going to bang since he’s 16 and she’s 22. According to Ekaterina, she hasn’t ruled it out, saying, “It is not supposed but life is life.” Ruslan said he does find Ekaterina attractive and claims she has “good sizes.”

His mom and sister aren’t happy about it either. They say he’s got exams to study for and shit, but they don’t see how big of an opportunity it is for him. You know who was missing from this story? Dad. Because we all know the dad is jealous AF of his son, but proud nonetheless.

[via Mirror]

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  1. cleavage

    Pre-exam bang sessions are actually clinically certified to help you perform better on tests. He’s just trying to get better grades.

    8 years ago at 1:38 pm
  2. Pooncoon

    I’ve finally decided to delete the app. Two pro Russian posts in two days. Commie fucks.

    8 years ago at 1:45 pm
      1. Pooncoon

        I wasn’t aware Mongols had the ability to think in groups I guess I was mistaken

        8 years ago at 2:39 pm
    1. ImHereForTheGangbang

      Not sure if you’re aware of this, but Russia abandoned communism 25 years ago.

      8 years ago at 9:25 am
  3. born rich die richer

    Expecting them not to bang is like when Willy Wanka expected kids not to eat candy in his factory, or Mr. Snyder expecting Dorn not to act inappropriately while chaperoning his class’ end of the year trip.

    8 years ago at 1:46 pm
  4. Rad_pitt

    I heard tfm is holding a contest for school boys and the winner gets to spend a month with Dorn in a remote cabin.

    8 years ago at 1:56 pm
  5. Back In My Days

    This is the type of contest/vacation excursions TFM should be hosting. Not some gay cruise with Tyga and a bunch of other ShouldOfNeverBeens.

    8 years ago at 2:04 pm
  6. The Hacksaw

    Most 16 year olds are out there scouring the Earth for dry handjobs. This little shit has a month of guaranteed debauchery with a porn star scheduled, and all he has to say is she “has good sizes?”

    8 years ago at 2:53 pm