We’ve Discovered Another Smoking Hot Female Golfer With A Phenomenal Rear End

Look, it’s clear that we’re all into really hot girls that can golf. It’s not something we really need to explain. They’re rare, like unicorns, so when you come upon them, you have to enjoy it. Sara Winter is the latest to come across my desk, and she’s got everything I need in a woman.

Oh, and she has a nice swing to boot.

Sara also dabbles in a little modeling as well, where she has competed for Miss Universe Canada. She’s been golfing for around 9 years now after growing up on a driving range. She’s a student at York University where she is studying to be a pediatric dentist. Despite all those ambitions, she has turned her focus solely on the course.

I’d go to an LPGA event just to follow that ass around.

  1. AlotInsideAmySchumer

    Gonna be brutally honest here. That leather outfit did not do her well at all.

    8 years ago at 8:35 am