Say Hello To Oregon’s Latest Publicity Stunt: Scratch-N-Sniff Season Tickets

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Oregon is the biggest try-hard of the college football world. This program is the kid who dresses from head to toe in Southern South and frequently parades across campus as if he is the lovechild of the fraternity gods and sorority goddesses. Unfortunately, his attempts to distract the world from his major shortcomings through his incredibly overpriced and colorful wardrobe are futile, and he’s left to further abuse his father’s wealth in an attempt to stay relevant.

The University of Oregon Fighting Nikes are at it again with yet another publicity stunt, this time using the season tickets themselves. I would like to introduce you to the Carl’s Jr. scratch-n-sniff ticket.

It’s actually a pretty genius idea. Who actually brings food to a tailgate? Food takes away valuable space and funds for more alcohol, effectively rendering it unimportant. After hours of day drinking on an empty stomach and waiting in the obnoxiously long lines to enter Autzen Stadium, just take a whiff of your ticket and feel the hunger and regret disappear. Carl’s Jr. is the real hero here.

This is undoubtedly not the last ploy we’ll see escape from the creative minds in Eugene, but let’s at least hope the next stunt is something more fulfilling than a ticket that smells like grease and minimum wage.

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  1. Texas Tux and Oil

    Unless that sniff is a bump of some booger sugar you won’t see me in Oregon, ever.

    10 years ago at 1:47 pm