Scumbag Delt From Chapman Admits To Embezzling “A Significant Amount” From His Chapter

Stealing from the friends who are closest to you, who entrusted you with not only large amounts of their money, but essentially the success of the fraternity as a whole, is a total scumbag move. Austin Kernan, the vice president of finance for Delta Tau Delta at Chapman University, allegedly did just that to his brothers. Reports say he stole a “significant amount.”

While there’s still an “allegedly” in front of the accusations, Kernan, who also held a position on the SGA, admitted to the SGA president that he was responsible before resigning.

From The Panther:

Student Government President-elect and Speaker of the Senate Austin Kernan is resigning from his positions effective immediately, according to a press release from Kelsey Dalzell, student government’s director of public relations.

The press release states that Kernan is resigning because of personal reasons. He allegedly took money from his fraternity Delta Tau Delta, said Vice President-elect Tyler Porterfield.

Porterfield, who is currently studying abroad, said she has been in constant communication with Kernan since the situation arose.

“I know that he pretty much embezzled money from his fraternity and that it was a pretty significant amount,” she said. “He was very honest with me and said that he stole from (Delta Tau Delta) … It was nice to hear that honesty and he didn’t hide behind it.”

It takes a genuine cuntmuscle to walk into chapter every week, sit in the front of the room, demand dues from those he calls brothers — many of whom are probably struggling to afford them — and then stuff those bills in his bra for personal use.

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Eat shit, Kernan.

Kernan was the Student Government President-elect and Speaker of the Senate. He was set to take office on May 1, but that won’t be happening anymore. What a shame. He would have had a real future in the sewer pipe of corruption we call modern politics.

The report does not say whether Kernan has been relieved of his duties at DTD, but I imagine he’ll be removed from more than his executive position. There’s no room for people like him in any fraternity.

Unfortunately, embezzlement happens in fraternities. Sometimes it’s small — a lunch or two on the fraternity card. Sometimes it’s big. We would have the treasurer show the fraternity credit card transactions to the rest of us every chapter. Not that we didn’t trust him. It was just protocol — the way we had always done things. He was always happy to oblige. And if you’re scratching your head wondering why there’s no social budget left for the pre-finals week blowout, I recommend your chapter does the same.

[via The Panther]

  1. RisingFratstarOfTX

    Punishment: get kicked in the dick by every chapter member then iron man-ed with duct tape.

    8 years ago at 12:42 pm
  2. TheHangoverCure

    I wouldn’t recommend him parking his car any place people know about.

    8 years ago at 1:05 pm
  3. LinksAndDrinks

    The Delts at Chapman are a bunch of self-righteous social justice warriors, so the worst he’ll get is a “strongly” worded letter preceded by a trigger warning.

    8 years ago at 1:13 pm
  4. WazuSucks

    Checks kept get stolen and used for pizza delivery to our house. Finally caught the scumbag. Called a 3am pledge lineup but told the pledges to stay on their porch. Eighty members called this guy out. He was told to vacate the premises immediately. When he wanted to return to his second story annex room to collect his belongings first I told him, no need, all your stuff has been tossed out the window. Walked out the front door never to be seen again. Rob Rothstein, remember the night you got blackballed?

    8 years ago at 2:13 pm
    1. VandyConservative

      I would tell you to take a lap but you’re clearly very serious about ethical conduct and want us to all know it

      8 years ago at 2:17 pm