1. Born in Brotober

      What makes me laugh is that two GDI’s by the name of Grant and Sherman brought South to its knees. But then again Lee was a GDI. Kappa Alpha Order, keep propping up the GDI that lost it all for you though! University of Miami, also know as “The Mother of Fraternities” has more Alpha Chapters than any other University in the country. Surprised that some of you do not know your Brostory as well as you should.

      14 years ago at 8:56 pm
    2. Stanhope McClelland Scott

      Actually Union College was “The Mother of Fraternities” Geed……

      14 years ago at 4:50 pm
  1. Lee's son

    He really just said miami triad lol…Kappa Alpha Order is the only order….Sorry man…guess you didnt get the invite

    14 years ago at 7:20 am