Getting laid just because I'm frat. TFM.

  1. RahRah

    Try being in a legitimate fraternity at a legitimate school. ATO and SFA can kiss my ass.

    14 years ago at 7:17 pm
    1. Bayou Bred

      Safe to assume that anyone from SFA should be banned from this site? I thought so.

      14 years ago at 9:30 pm
  2. Fratasaurus Rex

    bros=GDI’s not frat daddys…although you may be a lax bro or something similar you are like the distant cousin of a frat daddy. Not quite a guido or a cargo short lover but you dont frat hard…pikes are fist pumping guidos.

    14 years ago at 8:10 pm
  3. AT Bro

    Guys … Don’t have a roid rage on me, I make more than u ever will you fuckin GDI wanta Bs.

    14 years ago at 12:40 am
    1. Frat Flinstone

      Dude stop making Taus everywhere look like fucking losers. Fuck you. Never post again.

      14 years ago at 12:57 am
    2. Frat Flinstone


      I guess you are right, I really should breeze through a few chapters of “A Postitive Experience” and see if I can change my ways and my outlook on my brothers at SFAU. Ruh Rah Rega.

      14 years ago at 6:22 pm
  4. AT Bro

    State Universities also offer full athletic scholarships as well as grade A slam. So while y’all are getting a hard on by believing you are so frat, I’m living out all the shit that you feel is worthy of posting on TFM.

    14 years ago at 4:41 pm
    1. Fratwall Jackson

      oh, so you get laid becasue your an athlete, is that what you are trying to say? If this is true, then you are the low man on the totum pole. Girls have, will, and will always have sex with athletes, merely for the fact they are athletes. Congrats I suppose, but getting for being rich and fratty is truly something that is so wholesome and American, that well goddamnit, it brings a little red, white, and blue tear to my eye. The sanctity of frattiness is at stake here and if you are an athlete at SFASU, then I don’t give a shit about you gettting laid. Totally irrelevent. But when my fraternity brother at Ole Miss, who is a big ol’ fat boy, can get as much ass you, simply for being Frat..well shit, you just don’t cut it

      14 years ago at 5:45 pm
  5. AT Bro

    Ok fellas, I’ve got to hand it to u on this one. In fact I had to learn it the hard way. The truth is I did get laid cuz I am an athlete, but I didn’t really start slamming brews and broads until I went Greek. I think that mr fratwall said it best, u just can’t beat being frat. The entire time I was battling it out on gameday, I realized I was getting the shaft. I would rather have been pounding whiskey, working on slam, and shouting obscenities at the other team. Go frat or go up north.

    14 years ago at 6:20 pm
    1. Luke Donald

      You’re a fucking f.aggot. Use correct grammar, and do us all a favor and run into oncoming traffic you worthless incompetent waste of a life piece of shit GDI That is all.

      12 years ago at 11:20 pm