Snapchat’s New Face Swap Filter Keeps Creating Straight Nightmare Fuel

I don’t know if I can ever do a face swap on Snapchat again. Not after the incident. Not after this happened.

Yeah, I know.

My boss, noted bestselling author W.R. Bolen, summed it up best.

This beautiful selfie between a mother and her son isn’t the only wonderful photo that Snapchat’s face swap feature has completely and utterly destroyed. Check out these other failed abortion-quality face swap photos.

Here’s TFM’s Dan Regester and PGP’s David Ruff via face swap. Might as well hit up the RedBox on my way home from work and stock up on some deevs. No chance I’m sleeping now.

Dear God. Face swap turned his mom into a transgender Angela Anaconda.

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Chick in the top left pic looks like a McPoyle.

Sarah Jessica Parker? Is that you?

Jesus Christ it looks like Tony Shalhoub’s character from Spy Kids had children…

Benjamin Button looks terrible.

Live look at Maureen Ponderosa. Not gonna apologize for these It’s Always Sunny references.

Not sure how many more of these I can handle…

That went from girl and clown doll to It and Chucky reeeeeeeal quick.

Shut it down. Shut it all down.

  1. Oral Hershiser

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that THIS is the type of high quality #CONTENT we’ve come to expect and appreciate when we visit this fine frat blog. A+ work Jared. A fucking +.

    8 years ago at 5:56 pm
  2. King_Booze

    you should swap Bacon’s face with a balooga whale, it’ll probably make him less off-putting and ghostly

    8 years ago at 4:42 am