1. jizzrag69v2

    It’s sad that the tryhards, losers, and virgins on this site (that would be almost all of you but especially InternationalFrat, Bobby Cox, AndrewsMomsAss, Fratty McLoser, BuschLattesFTW, and Ghost of Dixie] think this guy is “frat.”

    6 years ago at 8:30 pm
    1. FDRwasapussy

      Who let you in here pledge? You better be a good little man and run along, and meet me in the hazement in a half hour with the hot sauce and the lube.

      6 years ago at 10:27 pm
      1. thevaginatorv2

        I own so much space inside your head I might build an amusement park and call it InternationalFrats mothers poop Shute fun land

        6 years ago at 8:56 pm
      2. thevaginatorv2

        The main attraction would be a never ending black hole that smells terrible

        6 years ago at 8:56 pm