Just found out I'm spending Labor Day weekend hunting doves on the family plantation that we've owned since 1714. TFM.

  1. Fuzzy Zoeller

    Where might this plantation be at? If it is in South Carolina then most of the plantations around this time usually become historic landmarks and not residences. I hope you meant vacation home, or family land. We all have that. But unless your the Govenor’s son or something, then Plantation might be a stretch. Just Sayin’

    14 years ago at 6:31 pm
  2. Southern Bourbon

    It’s actually in eastern North Carolina. And, yes, a lot of the land has been sold off over the years. But we do still own about half of the original land and there is still a house on it where we stay when we go there. “Plantation” may be stretching it a bit, but it ain’t like noone else on this site exaggerates.

    14 years ago at 6:44 pm
    1. Fuzzy Zoeller

      Fair enough, was just a little curious. At least it’s still frat. If you’ve read the Cam and Ryan posts…that’s exaggerating

      14 years ago at 6:59 pm
    2. Fuzzy Zoeller

      Cheers to that. Hope the hunt goes well. Headed down to Tennessee later this year to do some duck hunting on the uncle’s land. I’ll have a drink for ya

      14 years ago at 7:47 pm
    3. Fuzzy Zoeller

      I go to school at UVA, I’m from Richmod, Virginia but I have family in Tenn. And the Carolinas

      14 years ago at 8:33 pm
  3. Cam

    Please stop putting me and Ryan in the same sentences. I don’t wear earrings or any of that shit. He’s jersey trash

    14 years ago at 12:31 am
    1. Fratwall Jackson

      I’ve had my fun with this douche bag…this should be an easy lay-up for somebody?

      14 years ago at 12:42 am
    2. Cam

      Hey Fratwell you talk a big fucking game but you spend half your day blogging 2 page memos. Hope your WoW game is going well. Swish. 3 points.

      14 years ago at 12:52 am
    3. Fuzzy Zoeller

      They are all about how gay you are Cam…No oe likes you, get over it. Ryan and you are no different

      14 years ago at 1:05 am
    4. Fuzzy Zoeller

      They are all about how gay you are Cam…Everyone seems to echo what fratwall is saying.No one likes you, get over it. Ryan and you are no different

      14 years ago at 1:07 am
    5. Get Frat or Die Tryin

      cam this post (referring southern bourbon’s original TFM) is about being elite, white and wealthy, something you know nothing about. Basically I’m asking you to go die in a ditch in Mexico quietly

      14 years ago at 2:22 am
  4. Fratwall Jackson

    It’s called a smart phone dummy. I can perform my normal frat activities and still make you have a shit fit…”Please don’t compare me to Ryan” he is your only friend I this and I doubt that too. I’m on the links right now so excuse me while I putt

    14 years ago at 1:31 am
  5. Fuzzy Zoeller

    Plus it’s summer Cam…none of us rich kids have to work. It takes two minutes at most out of one of our days to keep exposing how much of a shitbrick you are…when I’m checking on my stocks, I can also look at who is shitting on your head…it makes for a great laugh. Sorry if you work, Geed

    14 years ago at 2:58 am