South Padre Island Police Will Use Drones To Watch You Animals Terrorize Their Beaches

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I love this so much. Any strategy, new law, bolstered law enforcement, or unmanned aircraft patrolling the coastline that mitigates the sheer horror that you monsters are bringing to our beaches every spring break is something I can get behind. If I had a say in this, I’d push to arm these things with laser-guided tranquilizer darts to put you morons to sleep when you act out.

No school for a week and a beach to drink on? Might as well throw all morals out the window and have sex in public and pull your dicks out in the surf and experiment with weird drugs and drink until you can’t feel your faces. Right? Haha right?! You people make me SICK.

Well, now when you’re sticking your disgusting hands down some random’s swimsuit bottoms on the beaches of South Padre Island, the fuzz will be watching you via high-resolution cameras mounted on drones.

From the International Business Times:

The drones will hover around 250 feet above South Padre Island’s local beaches and will be outfitted with high-resolution cameras and batteries that provide up to 25 minutes of flight at a time. […]

After Florida’s popular Panama City Beach banned alcohol consumption on its beaches during spring break, South Padre Island is bracing for an uptick in spring breakers this year, anticipating up to over 25,000 college students visiting this spring break. Last March, South Padre police reportedly arrested 270 people for public intoxication, while the combined number of public intoxication arrests during the other 11 months was 294.

I hope some of this footage becomes public after you heathens begin filling the South Padre jail cells, covered in sand and shame. The world needs a bird’s-eye view of the domestic spring break terror consuming our quiet beach communities.

Think of your mothers. SMDH.

[via International Business Times]

    1. Shut up Meg

      Like to think of us as liberators, champions of manifest destiny. Not fucking terrorists.

      8 years ago at 11:21 pm
      1. Cpt_Kirk24

        My pfg may be unbuttoned and my nip might just slip on out. Who knows how white girl crazy I’ll be feeling

        8 years ago at 1:00 am
  1. DarthGator

    Meanwhile, Dorn’s drone will be at home hovering at a similar distance from Austin’s finest elementary schools

    8 years ago at 11:19 pm
  2. FrattierCyclone

    I feel sorry that they had to see some of nasty people that will also be there

    8 years ago at 12:02 am