Planking: The art of being a GDI. TFM.

  1. SEC frat star

    *Unless Bubba Watson does it according to the majority of people who post on this site.

    13 years ago at 10:11 am
    1. Mike Tahoe

      It has the initials GDI in it. The ball that TFM pledge dropped has now rolled down a hill.

      13 years ago at 10:30 am
    2. icehoused

      I’m in favor for somebody to come up with a new term that covers that grey area between doing something fratty and stating something funny or insulting to geeds. What you just said was that planking, the art of being gdi, is a total frat move. We know what you meant, but TFM doesn’t belong after it.

      13 years ago at 11:23 am
    3. Class_Humility_Frat

      That website was atrocious. I could not figure out if they were being serious or sarcastic, because of how completely awful the posts were.

      13 years ago at 10:28 pm
    1. frattenonthefratio

      I dont know if you did this on purpose, but I like the Andrew Jackson reference

      13 years ago at 5:50 pm
    1. older row

      Oh I get it. You sound like you’re congratulating him, whereas you really aren’t.

      13 years ago at 5:06 pm
  2. fratitat

    The only i’ll be planking is when I pass out face down on the floor from too much whiskey

    13 years ago at 1:03 pm
    1. Broseidon25

      “Is there such a thing as too much whiskey?” TOTAL ROOKIE COMMENT. Act like you’ve been there.

      13 years ago at 1:07 pm
  3. Southern Hospitality

    I agree that TFM doesn’t belong after this. Go to

    13 years ago at 5:28 pm