Actually getting up to teach the class when the professor sarcastically asks "Do you want to teach the class?" TFM.

    1. TauPhiDelta1897

      ^That sounds like a great name for a philanthropy. Lace Up for Laps for heart health or some shit.

      12 years ago at 12:42 pm
    2. MDalphaAsian

      ^ lace up for laps, proceeds going to eliminating cargo shorts for good and research for the benefits of pee in ones butt

      12 years ago at 3:55 pm
  1. Hazing Chairman

    Been there… Told a professor his answer key to the test was wrong. He argued so I told him I could show him his mistake on the board. He isn’t employed here anymore.

    12 years ago at 11:21 am
  2. OwenLincolnFratter

    Fucking A, intern. This is a repost! Go back to your cubicle under Dorns desk and go back to what you’re good at.

    12 years ago at 11:52 am