Wearing a PFG to the bar because I'm fishing for slams. TFM.

    1. totally phratical

      I live in the south… Wearing a PFG out to a bar screams no class; PFGs are for fishing, hence the name. Have the decency to put on an oxford or polo at least.

      13 years ago at 8:45 pm
    2. Big Lake

      You must not live that far south because its fucking 100 degrees here and 100% humidity you are getting hazed outside if you dont wear pfgs

      13 years ago at 10:02 pm
  1. Team Merica

    My PFGs are 80 dollars. My Oxfords, which I’d like to haze you in one, are 98. Not much difference, so drink up liberbal non-deep southerner.

    13 years ago at 11:03 pm