Spring Break Is Out Of Control In Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach

Allow us to take a quick stroll down memory lane and reminisce on the glorious debauchery that was spring break: Panama City Beach. Oh, wait, you probably don’t remember any of it. Excluding the poor old folk that had the room below you in the hotel you trashed, nobody remembers PCB.

Among the comedies and crimes committed that we have eulogized, a few personal favorites include the Saga of the Stolen Ambulance and the Drifting Damsels (Airborne Bitties? Soaring Sorority Girls?). However, due to PCB’s recent ban on alcohol, things are a bit toned down — like the Mojave Desert, but with sand volleyball courts.

The response of Panama City, with regards to spring break booze, has elicited a rash of Florida beaches to issue warnings against potential spring breakers in an effort to prevent the ubiquitous collegiate hedonism from spreading to their own territory (Gulf Shores just straight up banned alcohol for the remainder of spring break). While I consider this a lowbrow form of fear mongering, it has, nevertheless, proven its effectiveness.

So what is a fine scholar, such as you, to do? But of course, hit the alabaster sands of Daytona Beach, where the alcohol ban has been disregarded for years and the county is hurting so much for tourism money that they still allow Bike Week to roll through town.

The results? Spring breakers have turned up on the sands of Daytona en masse, resulting in crowds that have gotten wildly out of control, so much so that the Sheriff’s Office has been enlisted to aid the anemic Beach Patrol in handling the “situation.”

From WESH:

The Volusia County Beach Patrol has called in reinforcements to deal with huge crowds of spring breakers.

Just two weeks into the Spring Break season, students have crowded into Daytona Beach and more than 100 of them have been arrested.

Want to know the best part? The rookies that are Volusia County Beach Patrol are so new to the spring break swarm that, despite the numerous signs, they believe it when you tell them “I didn’t know that alcohol was prohibited on the beach.” This means that if you do get busted with a bottle of beer, they’ll give you a chance and just ask you to dump it out, meaning you can just whip out that “Emergencies Only” flask of whiskey you stash under your car seat and keep on keeping on. However, if you are a dumbass and don’t have an emergency flask, you can always duke it out, like that guy named Jayme did, who managed to hospitalize an officer with a dislocated shoulder. Needless to say, poor Jayme was arrested that fateful evening.

But whatever your plans may be, remember kids, spring break responsibly.

[via WESH]

  1. StockWithFrock

    PCB and whoever else bans alcohol is selfish and retarded. By limiting the amount of areas that people can attend, you’re funneling those people to other beaches. Then, those beaches reel from being underprepared. Then, the reactions to SB get worse and the cycle continues.

    8 years ago at 9:39 am
    1. AlotInsideAmySchumer

      It’s not so much the alcohol sales. I agree it’s a big part. The amount of waste and trash these people are leaving on the beaches is terrible. Broken glass, used condoms and shit (like actual shit) they’re leaving behind. Not so much the sales, but the lack of humanity involved with spring break is fucking everything up. I was just in south beach for the weekend and that place is a shit show.

      8 years ago at 9:43 am
      1. GeebsNotGeeds

        One of our NIBs car’s got shit in by someone in Gulf Shores. Would be more funny and less disgusting had it not been a Spring Break shit. The ratio of solid to liquid in it was disturbingly even.

        8 years ago at 5:44 pm
  2. prex8390

    I can see that some communities may not want the spring break crowd at their communities. Palm Beach for example and some other up scale towns. But effectively banning a good portion of your cities income because you have an Increase in alcohol related offenses for 3 monthes out of the year of ridicules. Why not just ban concerts and festivals across the country then for the same reasons? It’s on the same basic process of thought. All they are doing is putting a hurt on their neighboring cities who in years last have not had this large amount of crowd and can’t handle. Bring back the booze and if You’re so worried about crime, increase your patrols or put some more less brash rules into place, curfew hours on the beach, no alcohol before 10 or after 5pm or something something. People are gonna find a way to drink, and get hurt, fuck some stranger somewhere else. Let them do them.

    8 years ago at 9:56 am
  3. Kklawson

    Have you guys looked their Beach Patrol up? They’re one of the busiest in the world. They’re not rookies at all they’re really actually doing you a solid for not arresting you and just letting you dump it out. They stopped us two weeks ago and they were cool as hell to us.

    8 years ago at 2:18 pm