St. Louis Rams Ask If They Should Serve Beer At Camp, Twitter Responds Swiftly

You serious, Clark? Abso-fucking-lutely, without a doubt. On Tuesday, the St. Louis Rams tweeted out to their fans asking whether or not they should serve beer at training camp.

I’m sure this was just a rhetorical question that they already knew the answer to. Beer and sports go together. It’s fucking science, and you can’t argue with science. The responses that the Rams received were classic.

Maybe one day, Zillgod. Maybe one day.

Of course, there are some communists out there who don’t want this to happen. And by some, I just mean our cheesedick intern.

Sucks for the intern though, because it looks like the people have spoken, and beer is what they want. True, red-blooded Americans.

  1. CrashCrawford

    Fuck. Whatever you need to get through the day, St. Louis. Your town looks like Afghanistan.

    10 years ago at 3:41 pm