Steelers Fan Site Released The Manziel Foam Middle Finger

Johnny Fuck Finger set the media world on fire last night when he flipped the bird to the Redskins sideline. Just like Orakpo, I think it’s hilarious–but I also root for the dirtiest team in the NFL. For those who don’t know, Johnny and the Browns travel to Pittsburgh to take on their rival in week one of the regular season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Manziel starts that game.

Either way, Steelers fans are sure to let Manziel hear them. One Pittsburgh fan site, Benstonium, has decided to poke fun Johnny’s middle finger. Just hours after Manziel let the ‘Skins know who was number one, Benstonium made a limited edition foam finger to welcome him to Sixburgh.

A must-have indeed, and for only $19.33? I think I’ll buy two.

A few things are inevitable about what will happen during week one. First, a bunch of black and gold foam fingers giving the finger will welcome Manziel to his first regular season game. Then the Browns will lose. The only thing still up in the air is whether or not Johnny will get his head taken off by Jarvis Jones, like James Harrison did with Colt McCoy.

[via Benstonium]

  1. Youaintfirstyourelast

    You are aware it says on the picture that this is not actually for sale right?

    10 years ago at 3:07 pm
  2. Shibby

    The main question the boulevard had for the company was, “Is the finger firm enough for me to sit on?”

    10 years ago at 3:07 pm