1. Pharaoh of Frats

      DeLand code says it’s illegal to house more than 5 people with the same last name. So unfortunately our house is owned by the school. Despite this, we still frat really, really hard.

      12 years ago at 2:31 pm
    2. floridafratstar

      Because the fraternity system believed the school that they would build them a proper greek row.. There is only one fraternity off campus, and they have an actual house.

      12 years ago at 10:41 am
    1. Pharaoh of Frats

      And you’re either a bitter SigEp who comes in 3rd to us and PhiSig at everything, or a SigNu who just got 8 pledges.

      12 years ago at 2:03 pm
    2. afh1203

      You guys still suck and everyone hates you because you guys are the biggest tools on campus

      12 years ago at 8:35 pm
    3. I am normally all for keeping the peace and such, as well I have great friends in every fraternity on campus, but Im glad you think we are the biggest tools, clearly your sense of judgement if jacked up. If you notice the men who stand and uphold the 7 Army values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage all join the same Fraternity. There is a reason for this, and if its not clear why its because your fraternity as well as the others are just not good enough. But if you think that its accecptable to refer to my brothers in arms, those that I may lay my life down for in the field of battle, and they the same for me, to call us tools, I will personally see to it that your fraternity never has a soldier grace their presence in your roster and may your fraternity continue down a path of unAmerican behavior until eventual failure and dissolvement of what you believe to be your brotherhood. So up yours. and to the ignorant child still buddy bud with the Klan who has issues with religious and social freedoms, you can have a wonderful day and I hope god blesses you with an education because right now, you are not in the good graces of the world. Everybody else have a wonderful day and I hope you the best in all that you do, strive for excellence, stand up for what you believe, and be a better man.

      12 years ago at 6:01 pm
    4. BenSeay

      Who ever the fuck feels the need to talk shit about my brothers and our president on a web site needs to come find me around campus or at the bars and we’ll talk about it. Seriously, I’m not hiding behind a laptop like you, pussy ass bitches. Grow the fuck up

      12 years ago at 9:00 pm
    5. ScottWilliams

      I too will gladly talk about it with whatever miserable fuck feels cool talking shit about someone on the internet. And by “talk about it” I mean whoop that ass.

      12 years ago at 10:40 am