Strippers Scam Wealthy NYC Businessmen Out Of $200K, Prove Even The Rich Are Stupid

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Rich guys have it tough. Everyone wants to be a rich guy. Everyone wants what rich guys have, and some are willing to go to great lengths to get it. Now, being rich also implies a sense of responsibility, intelligence, and the capability of making good decisions (unless you’re Justin Bieber or a Kardashian and that’s how you make your fortune).

The DEA and New York City Police Department recently arrested four strippers accused of scamming hundreds of thousands of dollars out of four wealthy strip club patrons and then blackmailing them into staying quiet. Damn bitches.

According to reports, the professional strippers stole at least $200,000 from the four men.

From Business Insider:

A banker and a real estate attorney were among four victims who lost at least $200,000. None was identified by name in court papers.
Drug Enforcement Administration and New York Police Department investigators arrested four women — all described as professional strippers — earlier this week on charges including grand larceny, assault and forgery, according to papers provided to The Associated Press.

The women would arrange to meet the men at upscale bars before drugging them with Molly or other drugs, causing incapacitation. Once the men were unable to function, they’d be driven to one of two strip clubs in New York City and charged exorbitant bills to their credit cards. Once the men came back to their senses, they would have no recollection of the night. If they attempted to dispute the charges, the strippers would blackmail them into staying quiet.

The men reported waking up in their cars or in hotel rooms with little or no memory of the encounters. Those who tried to dispute the strip club bills received texts from the strippers threatening to go public with their transgressions, authorities said.

While the strippers seem to lack any moral fibers, the men are idiots for trusting fucking STRIPPERS. In case you people didn’t already know, strippers are not typically the most upstanding citizens. If you have that much to lose, you should know better than to meet up with sketchy, exotic dancers at bars. However, if there weren’t idiots such as these guys in the world, I wouldn’t have anything to write about. For that, I must thank these men.

[via Business Insider]

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  1. Frapist

    Yeah that or these guys actually get fucked out of their minds and blow 200 grand like its nothing..

    10 years ago at 12:44 pm
  2. Governator

    Not only should you not trust strippers, you shouldn’t trust any woman period

    10 years ago at 4:11 pm
  3. Nauseatingly Entertaining Degenerate

    I’ve dumped strippers minus their heads in public parks for lesser offenses.

    10 years ago at 6:26 pm
  4. SouthernComfortable

    Since when does Molly incapacitate anyone? If anything, their senses would be so fucking strong that they’d hear that credit card being swiped like nails on a chalkboard.

    10 years ago at 6:59 pm