Students At Claremont McKenna College Don’t Want To Be Warned About Being Roofied

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When you go to the airport, every 20 minutes or so you’ll hear a recording about unattended bags. Don’t accept bags from anyone else, don’t ask someone to watch your bags, and don’t leave your bags unattended. There’s two sides to the warning; they are making it clear that it is unacceptable to give your bags to others, while simultaneously warning travelers what to be cautious of and how to avoid any danger.

Now let’s say we aren’t in an airport but instead at a college party. And instead of bags we’re talking about solo cups. Colleges during freshman orientation always rattle off the same warnings, don’t accept drinks from other people, don’t leave your drink unattended, and drugging of other students is never tolerated. At both airports and colleges, they’re showing they don’t condone the behavior of potential offenders while warning the public of the risks. But to some students at Claremont McKenna College, this kind of warning perpetuates rape culture because it puts the responsibility of safety entirely on the victim. Even though it doesn’t. At all. Check out the email that Claremont McKenna student body received, and the subsequent Facebook post from a student.

From Campus Reform:

Over the past two weeks, the Dean of Students Office of Claremont McKenna College (CMC) has received information that three on-campus parties may have involved students providing Xanax-laced or Rohypnol-laced drinks,” the message read. “While this information is unconfirmed, the allegations alone are serious enough that I wanted to alert our students of what CMC has heard. We will continue to investigate these allegations, as such behavior is highly concerning to all of us, dangerous to those who consume the drinks, violates the Student Code of Conduct, and cannot and will not be tolerated.

These allegations are a reminder to be mindful at all times of what you are drinking and to keep an eye out for your fellow students. While this is a small campus and we would like to trust our fellow students, accepting a drink that was made by someone else or that was put in a cup that you did not bring yourself is risky. If you do not maintain constant visual contact with your cup, something can be slipped in it quickly and without your knowledge even if the drink started out fine. Being vigilant about the source of your drink as well as the integrity of your cup once it is in your possession decreases the risks of anything being slipped in your drink. Please help us keep our campuses safer.

This is a message from campus safety in response to multiple students being drugged on Claremont McKenna’s campus. This…

Posted by Kay Calloway on Monday, 8 February 2016

Talk about only hearing what you want to hear. Nowhere in the email does it blame a victim. It isn’t victim blaming to educate the public on how to avoid dangerous situations. It is the responsibility of students to be smart when they’re out at parties, just like travelers are responsible for their own baggage and safety at an airport. There are dangerous people in the world, and until they all realize the error of their ways and stop being dangerous, everyone should know how to keep themselves safe.

[via Campus Reform]

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      1. Larry_Sellers

        It’s a liberal arts college in California, so yeah that’s about right.

        8 years ago at 3:07 pm
  1. acfabregat

    Read the title and thought it was gonna be an article about how the students were more interested in taking personal responsibility for their safety. Once again, optimism has failed me.

    8 years ago at 2:23 pm
  2. PermaPledge

    Very curious to know if she locks her car or her house at night. Instead of telling people to lock their doors, we should just tell people not to rob. “Textbook victim-blaming”.

    8 years ago at 2:28 pm
  3. BornProudRaisedProud1890

    God, that’s just so like the Patriarchy to advise vigilance and tell me to help maintain a safe environment for myself and those around me. Fascist fucking pigs…

    Obviously it’s a scumbag move to drug drinks, but it’s also just downright foolish to thoughtlessly accept and consume an open beverage handed to you by a complete stranger. The victims aren’t at fault for being drugged, but thats not a reason not to protect oneself.

    8 years ago at 2:57 pm
    1. CreightonFratStar

      Another point should be made that all victims are not females. One of my brothers was drugged at a party. Luckily he was able to notice something amiss and we got him the care he needed that night. But clearly their are shitty people out there who will fuck with you no matter what.

      8 years ago at 9:10 pm
  4. RageEveryDay

    Next up: telling people to lock their doors when they aren’t home will be victim blaming those who are burglarized.

    Such bullshit.

    8 years ago at 3:06 pm
  5. ThatBrit

    If ‘this is rape culture’ then she has just proved that rape culture does not exist.

    8 years ago at 4:31 pm