My house echoes. TFM.

    1. Rihanna Deserved It

      Oprah Is A Dyke > monument

      there are your respective places, deal with them and shut the fuck up

      13 years ago at 9:27 pm
  1. The Big LeFratski

    Not really sure what point you’re trying to make here, could someone clear this up for me?

    13 years ago at 4:07 pm
  2. Brolonzo Jackson

    People not recognizing that this is a decent TFM and still hating anyways. TFTC?

    13 years ago at 6:26 pm
    1. Davy Crockett

      Don’t tell me you’ve never verbally hazed one of your brothers for saying something that could be vaguely construed as retarded. Being able to appreciate humor is a fratty quality if I’m not mistaken.

      13 years ago at 6:46 pm