(UPDATED) T.A. At University Of Iowa Emails Her Own Nude Photos To Class Instead Of Homework Assignment

Emailer’s remorse is a very real thing. It can be described as that gut-wrenching feeling one experiences after clicking “send” on an email they’d like to have back. You can’t have it back, though, thus the unease. Once it’s out, it’s permanent. This feeling is commonly the result of writing something regretful to a friend during a harshly-worded exchange amid heightened emotions, or accidentally CC-ing the wrong person in an email about personal business. Rarely does it hit after attaching sexually explicit nudies of yourself to email that was blasted out to an entire class, the very class that you help lead.

Per multiple sources, and currently breaking over Twitter, a teacher assistant at the University of Iowa sent out an email to students of a math class that was intended to assign a homework assignment. The attachment was not a set of math problems, however, but was actually a series of nude photos featuring the female T.A. and a male counterpart — possibly screenshots from a sex video.

Andrew Merschman is excited, as I assume many others are around campus. I predict a high attendance rate in this class for the rest of the week. You gotta feel for this poor girl, though. It may be a rough semester for her.

Details are minimal at this point, but we will update this story as they come in.

9:50am CST Update: We obtained a copy of the email. View it below.


10:03am CST Update: We also obtained the nude images. I cannot post them here for obvious reasons. However, I’ll try to describe them for you.

The images are from a video chat that is quite sexual in nature. It appears that two people are “cyber-sexing” from different locations using video equipment. Both are nude and, well, “engaging” themselves in a sexual manner. They appear to be having a grand time. Furthermore, some of the images are in .gif form (short, animated clips).

12:01pm CST Update: The T.A. was back in class this morning trying to play it off like nothing ever happened.

Per tipster:

The TA was teaching her 7:30 discussion session this morning trying to act like nothing happened but clearly very rattled. No one said anything about it but it was just extremely awkward.

Thursday Update: The T.A. is no longer with the class.

In a move that really just had to be made, the teacher assistant has been removed from her position. From KCRG in Iowa:

A University of Iowa teaching assistant who accidentally emailed nude pictures of herself to math students is no longer assigned to their class.

University spokesman Tom Moore confirmed the assignment change for the graduate student late Wednesday, but didn’t immediately elaborate.


Listen to Roger Dorn discuss this story on Kansas City’s 96.5 The Buzz:

Image via Iowa Now


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