Ted Nugent, VOCAL DEFENDER OF FREEDOM, Also Dodged The Draft During Vietnam

Ted Nugent is well known for his outspoken defense of the U.S. Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment. Some might call his outspokenness exuberance or enthusiasm, others call it radical or retarded. Personally, I think the guy is an attention starved asshole who, even if his heart is in the right place, needs to shut up because he makes rational Second Amendment proponents look bad.

It turns out though, that Ted Nugent, DEFENDER OF CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND AMERICAN FREEDOM, is actually a hypocritical, loud-mouthed, fuckstick who uses the troops, the flag, and the Second Amendment to boost his own popularity. So you’re on the side of freedom, Ted? Then please, if you will, explain this:

The 64-year-old musician, now a vocal gun advocate and member of the National Rifle Association’s board of directors, avoided toting around an M14 thanks to a series of military deferments that allowed him to dodge the draft, according to Selective Service System records.

In August 1969, Nugent took his draft physical and was rejected for service. He was classified as 1-Y, indicating that he was qualified for service only in time of a national emergency. The 1-Y classification was usually issued to candidates saddled with significant medical or mental issues.

In interviews, Nugent has provided varying accounts of how he avoided a seat on a troop transport to Southeast Asia. In a 1977 High Times interview, he claimed to have stopped bathing a month before his draft physical, adding that he showed up for the exam with pants “crusted” with urine and feces. “I was a walking, talking hunk of human poop,” recalled Nugent.

No, Ted, I think what you meant to say is that you were, and are, a giant piece of shit.

Nugent also admitted to taking meth so as to further harm his body in his ultimately successful attempt to fail the draft physical.

Nugent took the pants-shitting, meth-snorting route, which might be third only to shooting yourself in the foot and fleeing to Canada on the scale of “How Big of An American Pussy Am I?” after running out of all other options to avoid the draft. He was first deferred thanks to high school and college enrollment, both of which are obvious and acceptable reasons to be excluded from the draft. However at this point it’s debatable that Nugent enrolled in college, a junior college by the way, for any other reason than to avoid the draft.

Five weeks after the exam, Nugent received his 1-Y deferment on October 7, 1969. Nugent’s 1-Y deferment remained in effect until 1972, when the classification was abolished. He was then reclassified as 4-F, which covered registrants not qualified for military service.

In his High Times interview, Nugent recalled his glee at evading the chance to defend his country (though he mixed up the 1-Y and 4-F deferments). “And in the mail I got this big juicy 4-F,” he said. “They’d call dead people before they’d call my ass.”

Nugent fondly, proudly even, recalls the time he actively avoided fighting for the country he supposedly loves so much. That’s not at all appalling. But hey, at least he waves his flag really hard. That’s got to count for something, right? No? Yeah, I figured. Oh Ted you shameless dickbag.

I honestly don’t know what to say other than, “Fuck you Ted Nugent.” You are a phony to the highest degree, though it shouldn’t surprise anyone that those who shout the loudest are often the most fraudulent.

I understand that Vietnam was not a popular war, and that being a musician (or aspiring musician) meant you probably ran with quite the liberal, anti-war crowd in those days, but does that excuse this nearly unfathomable level of hypocrisy? Absolutely not. People can change, and maybe Nugent has, but be known for and more importantly profit from your patriotism and love of country while keeping this secret tucked away is absolutely disgusting.

Ted Nugent. What an asshole.

[via The Smoking Gun]


  1. The_Outback_Guy

    I’m glad this cocksucker had all his money stolen by his agents and managers. Fuck Ted Nugent!

    11 years ago at 5:41 pm
  2. Uncle Slam 1776

    Bacon what the fuck have you ever done?

    You’re the real hypocrite, slamming Nugent while you are just a preppy rich fuck who has never and will never be in the armed forces

    11 years ago at 5:45 pm
    1. Rob Fox

      I don’t claim to have ever done anything. But I’ve also never been asked to serve the country and then done everything in my power to avoid it despite having no reasonable excuse to. Do you really not understand the difference?

      11 years ago at 6:35 pm
    2. FraturdayNightFever

      Bacon has never and never will be in the armed services. Much like Ted Nugent, except he didn’t actively avoid it and then talk all the time about how much he loves America.

      11 years ago at 9:25 pm
    3. WreckedLikePatrino

      trying to insult someone by using the words “preppy” and “rich” ? TGM

      11 years ago at 11:39 am
    4. oobadah

      My dad was drafted and fought in Vietnam and thinks Ted is one smart motherfucker. Nothing glorious or patriotic about going into a shit hole we have no reason of being in and then seeing your best friends get blown to pieces.

      Seriously fuck this article and trying to call Ted Nugent out he has done plenty for our troops. Bacon you praise America and our troops in plenty of your articles but I highly doubt you would put up any less of a fight to avoid a draft then Ted did.

      11 years ago at 12:41 pm
  3. ATX0476

    Usually a big fan Bacon… but come on man, seriously? “Lets rip a conservative leaning guy since no other media outlets seem to do that”… Why don’t you write some articles on Obama and other radical leftist figures. This is TFM… if I wanted some left wing critique of Nugent I could turn on MSNBC. If you wanna write about Vietnam maybe look into the fact Obama’s political career started in the house of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

    11 years ago at 6:07 pm
    1. Rob Fox

      This has nothing to do with politics, it has to do with hypocrisy. Disliking Ted fucking Nugent doesn’t make you a liberal or supportive of liberals. I think Ted Nugent is an idiot. He did something EXTREMELY idiotic and hypocritical, I pointed it out. It’s absurd to think I did it for any “liberal” reason. I did it because it was fascinating and hilarious and ironic.

      The only reason Obama doesn’t get ripped more in columns or news stories on this site is because it’d be beating an extremely dead horse.

      11 years ago at 6:38 pm
    2. LEGENwaitforitDARY

      ^^ If you can’t rip apart your own political party, then that makes you a sheep to the Republican Party. Clearly we (as a party) have flaws, just like Democrats do. The only difference is that all Democrats are butt buddies that always agree with each other no matter what the circumstances, while us Republicans have the balls to speak out against our own people. Learn the difference and become better informed.

      11 years ago at 7:17 pm
    3. ATX0476

      ^ You clearly missed my point, douche.

      ^^Bacon. Understandable. But, I guess hearing about “dumb conservatives” feels redundant considering I can’t escape it from professors and mainstream media on a daily basis… I’d rather not see it on this site. That was all I was saying.

      11 years ago at 7:31 pm
    4. Evan24

      Bill Ayers was a radical when Obama was 8. If you think Ayers was still a radical when he worked with obama, you are a misinformed idiot who makes Conservatives look like trash.

      11 years ago at 9:26 am
  4. awhit

    Worst article I have read on here. Ted has done more good for ‘merica than Bacon ever will.

    11 years ago at 7:03 pm
    1. Rob Fox

      He also proudly dodged the draft via pathetic and disgusting means so that he could live as a drifting hippie. Ted Nugent does nice things for the troops, that’s fine and good (although he also makes money off of them). But Ted Nugent also refused to serve. He didn’t ELECT not to serve, as you and I do, he REFUSED to serve when called upon to do so.

      As far as him supporting the Second Amendment goes, he hurts the cause, end of story. He is to Second Amendment proponents what that one brother you initiated and love for whatever reason, but can’t bring around when rush is going on because he’ll scare everyone away, is to your fraternity.

      If the topic of this article doesn’t interest you then it’s because you’re probably pretty stupid. This is absolutely intriguing hypocrisy.

      11 years ago at 8:45 pm
    2. FraturdayNightFever

      I’m not a big fan of Ted Nugent, so it’s possible he’s done a lot of stuff to help the country, but if you wouldn’t mind naming some of it that would help.

      11 years ago at 9:27 pm
    3. Virginia Gentleman

      Bacon is it fair to judge the man so harshly for decisions he made as a 17/18/19 year old over 30 years ago? This revelation seems to be troubling you far too much. Is your quarrel with Nugent about the draft dodging, as reported by the High Times, or the ways he tries to support the Second Amendment? They are separate issues and I think it’s best that you treat them as such.

      11 years ago at 8:02 am
    4. INFratter

      Ya we can judge him because he talked about it in an interview and seemed proud of it. Which is real shitty. And who cares if they’re separate issues? who wants to read two articles about ted nugent’s douchieness?

      11 years ago at 11:18 am
  5. VineyardVine

    The Nuge might actually be insane… and yes, he is the epitome of what liberals think of when they think of crazy gun toting NRA members. Does anyone remember his hunting show?

    11 years ago at 7:31 pm
  6. DevilDog

    Even if he does have a screw lose, your time could have been better spent doing something else instead of slamming someone who supports guns and the 2nd amendment. Bacon, this is not TFM.

    11 years ago at 8:33 pm
    1. Scene: Bacon writes article blasting Fred Phelps of Westboro Faptist Church fame.

      Even if the Fred Phelps does have a screw loose, your time could have been better spent doing something else instead of slamming someone who supports a Christian nation and traditional marriage. Bacon, this is not TFM.


      11 years ago at 10:37 pm
    2. Even if they’re on your side, you need to distance yourselves from crazies.

      Simple stuff, people.

      11 years ago at 10:38 pm