Blackballing any pledge that you find out is a Democrat. TFM.

  1. Jimmy Broffett

    Jimmy Buffett might say some stupid liberal stuff, but that’s only because 40+ years of doing drugs and alcohol every single night have impaired his cognitive abilities, thus rendering him incapable of any understanding of government policy.

    BUT everything about his life has been a TFM.
    1. He’s from the south
    2. He went to an SEC school
    3. He’s rich
    4. He spends all of his time sailing, fishing, and flying his private planes
    5. He parties a lot

    If you don’t think that is a TFM, then you must be a gay liberal GDI northerner

    14 years ago at 1:45 pm
    1. Trex

      I agree I love Jimmy Buffett. Ive seen him at least six times. Ive read all his books. A pirate looks at 50 is a amazing read. He would be my idol besides the gay ass liberal bullshit….but he is still a TFM but with a * jimmy buffett=TFM*

      14 years ago at 2:04 pm
    2. KA Frat

      In Florida right after the 2008 election, Jimmy Buffett had a free concert. In order to get in, you had to say you voted for Obama.

      That is the least fratty thing I have ever heard.

      14 years ago at 2:10 pm
    3. DUE SOUTH

      you sir are an idiot. buffett was a kappa sig as southern miss….. we are not SEC. and he’s a fucking liberal douche bag.

      14 years ago at 4:34 pm
    4. Jimmy Broffett

      Due South,

      Considering you go to the diploma mill aka Southern Mississippi, I’m not shocked that you are so ignorant. Prior to attending Southern Mississippi, Jimmy Buffett attended Auburn University, which you might have heard of. It was a member of the SEC when Jimmy Buffett enrolled in 1964, and still is to this day.

      I know you’re a GDI, so of course you don’t like Jimmy Buffett. Go back to listening to your gay techno music and sleeping with other dudes, GDI.

      14 years ago at 10:01 pm
  2. The situation

    Jimmy Buffets restaurants are awesome man. Are margaritaville t shirts fratty? “trespassers will be offered a shot”

    14 years ago at 1:57 pm
  3. Kane

    ummm in 1964, the democratic party was the republican party, everyone just switched when the dems took on civil rights..its called the old solid south. do your research…

    14 years ago at 1:15 am