Just got a new pair of chacos. TFM.

    1. Jake BROwen

      Boaters go with anything, but if you want flops then Sperry makes those too. And yea chacos scream GDI fag…

      14 years ago at 3:57 pm
  1. ChacNOs

    Do you also drive a Subaru? Chacos are for fucking GDIs. Top-siders or bows, that’s it.

    14 years ago at 4:07 pm
  2. abb

    Go to the sec where fratting is at its finest and say chacos are gdi, besides sperrys are gay. Grow a pair, spend some money and get some Cole haans

    14 years ago at 7:36 am
  3. Arnold Palmer

    chacos? are you from boulder? do you wear north face too? dont ever post under tennessee again. you are a disgrace.

    14 years ago at 11:14 pm