1. Frat harvey

    Da tee das are gay just like that fag Matthew maconhesuckondicks y’all made.

    14 years ago at 7:00 pm
  2. fratfuck

    dee tee dee aint nothing but a bunch of poonjabbin shitheads with piss for brains

    14 years ago at 7:16 pm
    1. FRATology (the study of frat)

      DTD = dicks touching dicks…everyone knows that ATO runs UT

      14 years ago at 7:51 pm
  3. Sheriff of Frattingham

    HAHAHAAHAHA Delts are the laughing stock of Frats. Least Fratty frat ever. They are 1 step above GDI’s at Miami University

    14 years ago at 8:25 pm
  4. VP of Frat

    haha Bruce you probably should go back to your intro to grammar class and take notes this time.

    14 years ago at 8:56 pm
  5. The University of Broklahoma

    Delts are meh, but seriously ATO runs UT? are you fucking high?

    14 years ago at 9:58 pm
  6. Fratasaurus Rex

    rah delt…but youre just asking for comment suicide putting your fraternity up there..i dont care which one it is youre going to get ripped on here…and all u retard who comment about other schools know damn well that chapters differ at each school….for example phi delt is typically a good fraternity but at my school they are known for wearing fuckin jorts….the delts are fratty as shit but like 50 miles away at the next school they are fucking faggots.

    14 years ago at 7:20 am
    1. Mr. Fratastic

      Finally someone else fuckin gets it. Regardless of letters (except TKE) it’s our job to keep GDIs out of our parties and make sure they know their place at the bottom of society not talking shit about chapters, because if your fratty then who the fuck cares what frat your in.

      14 years ago at 5:21 pm