Closed down the party, closed the deal with a slampiece, but then peed her bed. Don't worry, splashed Ozarka on the ceiling when she went to the bathroom. Better call maintenance sweetheart, you've got a leak. TFM

    1. ThinkThereforeFRAT

      Looks like someone was in the archives when they wrote a column suggesting this was a legitimate option for just such and occasion.

      12 years ago at 8:55 pm
    1. iLoveLilly =)

      Omg i dont think i even thought about that this is clearly a bull shit post though.

      14 years ago at 6:28 pm
    2. ilovedd's

      ya id say your prob some ato faggot who goes around with a water bottle and calims that its vodka. i hadnt pissed the bed since i was 3. this is 150% not frat.

      14 years ago at 8:57 am