Multiple Teams Clock Texas Tech Wide Receiver Jakeem Grant With An Insane 4.1 Forty At His Pro Day

Multiple Teams Clocked Texas Tech WR Jakeem Grant With An Insane 4.1 Forty At His Pro Day

You need to know about Jakeem Grant if you’re an NFL scout. He’s not the biggest WR entering the Draft, but he’s definitely the fastest player in the crop. Since he was not invited to the NFL Combine, he had to wait until Texas Tech’s pro day to show off his speed.

Allegedly, two teams clocked him at a blistering 4.10.


Big if true. Faster than Bo Jackson. Although when it came down to his official lasered time, he was only clocked at a slow 4.34. Unless the laser was too slow to clock him.

Kid can fly though. Just look at some of these moves.

Pretty sure he hurt that LSU DB in the second video with that juke. Hey Jakeem, Steelers are in need of a WR after Bryant went full Josh Gordon.

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