TFM Babe Of The Day: Kasey from College of Charleston

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Meet Kasey from College of Charleston.

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  1. JohnMehoff

    If they are old enough to go to the store to get milk, they are old enough to get bred

    4 years ago at 12:29 am
  2. FatMattsAtBat

    First, any girl who fucks with a purge costume is a freak. Second, what the fuck kind of timing is this?

    4 years ago at 12:34 am
      1. ReardenSteel

        Stop posting anti-Trump and pro-liberal articles. Bring back the forums (it will foster a dedicated user base). More risque humor. More actual fraternity humor. The wall should be displayed more prominently. Look at the articles from 4 years ago; more like those.

        4 years ago at 1:04 am
      2. ReardenSteel

        The slide towards greater sterilization of the content enabled you to get out flanked by 0ld R0w who picked up your old user base, and tbh I don’t know if there’s anything- you’ve absolutely poisoned your brand. Whoever decided that alienating your core original users was a good idea (I’m assuming because of concerns over advertising) was an incredible idiot. We told y’all as much every step of the way.

        4 years ago at 1:07 am
      3. ReardenSteel

        Oh and Rush boobs/ass need to make a comeback ASAP, it used to be a point of pride in our chapter to get included in the weekly posts.

        4 years ago at 1:11 am
  3. TheeRockySulli

    As far as the IGBOTD goes, she’s more on the wife side than one night stand side. Would give her some terribly short and awkward sex in a Nordstrom dressing room and slip a finger in her back door regardless. 8.6/10

    4 years ago at 12:54 am
  4. Ramsay Bolton

    She looks much better in her casual pics than the fake modeling ones. I would do bad bad things to her in that boat.

    4 years ago at 3:14 am
  5. theCoon

    She’s probably taking some old birds two incher on Trade Street for tuition money.

    4 years ago at 12:34 pm