TFM March Madness Bracket Contest

March Madness kicks off tomorrow, March 13. Even the most casual of gamblers can find themselves stressing out during The Big Dance, and if you’re like my Adderall-fueled friend Stuart then you have roughly $300 spread across 5 brackets and could go into cardiac arrest at any second. Not to worry, TFM is here with a March Madness Contest, courtesy of, that not only offers prizes but is FREE to enter. All you have to do is make your picks, sit back, and talk as much shit as possible while your bracket dominates. Click HERE to enter your bracket.

TFM Bracket Contest Prizes

First Place will win $250 credit to

Second Place will win $100 credit to

Third Place will win $50 credit to

TFM Bracket Contest Rules

One entry per person.

New entries are only accepted before the second round begins.

In the event of a tie we will defer to ESPN’s policies.

No bitching.


  1. TKEpledge

    Elite 8 Teams:

    Kentucky (1)
    Baylor (3)
    Mich St (1)
    Mizzou (2)
    Syracuse (1)
    Florida St (3)
    Creighton (8)
    Georgetown (3)

    Mizzou and Florida State in the final. FSU wins it.

    12 years ago at 3:16 pm
    1. TKEpledge

      Crazy shit always goes down in the tourney, its just tough to predict. Creighton and Harvard are my surprise teams in this one. They won’t win, but they will do well. Plus, UNC has some team chemistry issues, and seem to lock up under pressure in close games.

      12 years ago at 3:20 pm
    2. TKEpledge

      (And if you think about it, Harvard already has won, being one of the only jungle-bunny free teams)

      12 years ago at 3:21 pm
    3. Paranormal_Frativity

      True. I only have one surprise team in Detroit, and picked them to go to the Sweet 16, which I guess is even crazier than picking Creighton over UNC.

      12 years ago at 3:28 pm
    4. KappaSigCU

      i have georgetown vs uk in the final i hope georgetown’s defense can fuck shit up because thats what i am riding on

      12 years ago at 3:41 pm
    5. anon7472974648

      Missouri will crush Michigan State and cut down the nets. It will truly be a legendary team, Mizzou will be able to create some space against Izzo’s dominant front court and defense, and Marcus Denmon and Flip Pressey will go down as the greatest tourney guard do in history. And if you think this is a reverse jinx, well, you can’t prove that.

      12 years ago at 3:51 pm
    6. Frat Master J

      As a Creighton student, all I can say is that Bama is as good as fucked, and UNC had better be ready for Doug, because he is going off in the tourney.

      12 years ago at 5:53 pm
    7. frat blunts

      Baylor will only get that far if they can play Brittney Griner on their men’s squad

      12 years ago at 11:44 pm
  2. Hakuna Fratata

    For future reference for everyone, no one gives a fuck who your surprise/sleeper team is

    12 years ago at 3:41 pm
    1. TKEpledge

      Yeah assholes! None of you talk about sports on an article written about sports. Especially in a sport event that frequently focuses on upsets.

      12 years ago at 3:52 pm
  3. Frat_monster

    I think the non 2 and 1 seeds that could hit that elite 8 are cincy, louisville, vandy, fsu, murray state. Also the 3 seeds are really weak this year. My final 4 – mizzou, kentucky, unc, fsu.

    12 years ago at 3:58 pm
    1. Reagans disciple

      Believing that Calipari’s freshman “dont have the one-and-done” mentality TDelusionalM

      12 years ago at 9:59 am
  4. ice cold frat

    If Mizzou can take care of florida, mich. state, and kentucky, they will win.

    12 years ago at 5:35 pm
    1. DavidAllanBro

      ^I bet you picked all 1 seeds in your final four you fucking pussy. I picked bama to lose to UNC in the second round.

      12 years ago at 8:02 pm
    2. dikembe brotombo

      I bet LSU won’t even dribble the ball past halfcourt…….wait a second, there’s no LSU here, do they even have a basketball team?

      12 years ago at 10:50 pm
    3. Frat Master J

      I picked bama to lose in the first round to Creighton, just like I picked UNC to lose to Creighton in the second round in the match up of high school teammates.

      12 years ago at 10:58 pm