TFM’s Official Ranking Of The Top Party Schools In America For 2016


I think it’s about time we start ranking schools based on what matters most: the education. HA! Fuck that, no one wants to see me rank which Ivy League schools are better at pumping out nerds. Let’s talk about partying. We all do it, but some do it better than others. Without partying, there is no fun — just a bunch of learning. Gross. Sure, you could study your dick off in the library, never having any sort of social interaction with anyone, then become a wealthy, but lonely, lawyer or doctor. That’s not the life you want to live, though. Be a real American and go to school while raging until your face falls off.

So what school rages harder than the rest? I’m here to settle the score. Spoiler alert: your school probably didn’t make the list.

Honorable Mention: Southern California, University of Illinois, University of Colorado, Florida, Arkansas, University Of Texas, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Texas Tech University, Colorado State University, Iowa State University

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    1. Gary Becker

      This list should be called “Colleges you have to attend when you have a 3.5 GPA and bombed the SAT.”

      Best party schools are: Ivies ($ + internationals), Texas-Austin, Georgetown, Boston College, Miami (FL), Miami (OH), Wisconsin, UVa, Georgia, Ole Miss, Vandy, Michigan, Villanova, Stanford.

      4 years ago at 10:27 am
      1. VandyConservative

        I don’t know but he put my school up so I have to upvote. Even though that list is shit

        4 years ago at 12:08 pm
      2. sweatpantsboner

        You’re right, a school with the nickname “Villa no fun” should definitely be on the list.

        4 years ago at 10:50 am
    2. Breauregard44

      I had fun at Villanova then I punched a cop then didn’t have so much fun after that

      4 years ago at 11:37 pm
  1. fratstar570

    You do a ranking of the top party private colleges. Not everyone goes/wants to go to a fucking state school.

    4 years ago at 8:32 am
      1. fratstar570

        The school of management and school of engineering at my alma mater are both consistently top ranked in the nation. So suck a dick you fucking peasant.

        4 years ago at 8:48 am
      2. Big Dumb Idiot

        But you’re still a commenter on TFM. Life must be going really well for you.

        4 years ago at 9:32 am
      3. fratstar570

        Half the active commenters on this site are recent grads. And you shouldn’t be commenting on TFM while you’re in your 9th grade history class. .

        4 years ago at 9:48 am
      4. Big Dumb Idiot

        I’ve been around for a few years you old, ignorant fuck. Have fun in your entry level job at Bank of America though.

        4 years ago at 12:21 pm
      5. FavresDickPics

        I think it’s time to hang them up. There’s no recovering from this, frat star.

        4 years ago at 12:50 pm
  2. Colonel Reb forever

    Perhaps they’re overshadowed by Arizona State, but UCLA has an excellent scene as well. Westwood is very underrated.

    4 years ago at 9:17 am
  3. mynameaborat

    Ohio University? They have a party that has a fucking wikipedia page. Look up PalmerFest.

    4 years ago at 9:20 am
  4. Shoeless_bro_jackson69

    Illinois is constantly ranked the number one party school by several magazines and websites and you really have the gal to put them at number four in the big ten?

    4 years ago at 9:35 am
    1. NoSailboats

      Yeah all the English majors working for those magazines are experts on partying

      4 years ago at 3:30 pm