The 20 Most Controversial Donald Trump Tweets


The Don’s got it all. The money, the golf game, the flow — he’s infallible. Everything he touches turns to gold, which he then makes fun of for being less prestigious and sought-after than platinum.

If you’ve never checked out Trump’s Twitter account, you’re really missing out. Dude shoots out hot takes on the reg. These takes are so hot that not even five fire emojis and a trio of crying laughing emojis can do them justice. See for yourself.

Savage. Politicians are built to handle a little mudslinging, but you know getting called “truly weird” cut Rand pretty deep.

It’s true. It’s well-documented that lightbulb scientists are only in it for the money (the fame and glamour too, but that’s a given).

@mplefty67 said what we were all thinking.

Trump’s a research doctor, too! IS THERE ANYTHING THIS MAN CAN’T DO?! #Trump2016

This is bullshit! Save the birds, down with wind turbines!!!

Donald might throw a lot of mean words out there, but he knows kids use Twitter, and he knows when to censor himself. Our boy Fu**face thinks of the children.

Trump, telling it like it is. Washington is ready for you, buddy.

I always wondered why he put quotations around ‘extremely credible source.’ I feel like it takes away from the credibility of his source, who is obviously extremely credible. We all know Barry O was born in Kenya, even though those quacks over at vital records are keeping their lips shut to this very day.

#GetOurScientistsOutOfTheIce #Trump2016

It’s been a couple of years, wonder if Robby Pats ever tossed Trump an IOU?

Trump looks out for his own. Pollsters are saying that the Don all but secured the vampire vote with his advisory role in this saga.

Ye… Wait, what?

GOT ‘ER!!!

Smart move by trump to secure the anti-vaxxer vote. Jim Carrey would make a great running mate, too.

If you look past the insult, you can clearly see that Trump supports marriage equality (if it involves leaving Arianna Huffington). This puts him among the most socially-liberal Republican candidates.

A man of the people. Gotta love him. #Trump2016


Thanks, I won’t!

That’s a HOT take right there.

How convenient, amiright??? And, oh yeah, condolences to his family or whatever.

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    1. FrattyTrappings

      Cuban doesn’t like Trump. Grandex loves riding Cuban’s dick. They’re emotionally obligated to bash Trump whenever possible. Cuban is TFM’s new Bilzerian.

      5 years ago at 1:39 pm
      1. BigBeerBelly

        Trump is kinda a nut. He didn’t even promise that he wouldn’t run as a third party canidate, and if he did Hilary would win. He would just be splitting the republican vote.

        5 years ago at 4:34 pm
    1. The interns dad

      I graduated college so im not paying taxes to support black people. Fuck em

      5 years ago at 10:38 am
  1. Enoch Thompson

    I can’t tell if I’m the only one that wishes you guys would stop writing about politics altogether.. bottom line is the republican’s candidate base is really diverse and extremely strong for this election, and the only thing you guys can write about is how much we should all hate Trump and feel bad that we want to vote republican. When did TFM become NYT..

    5 years ago at 12:20 pm
    1. Booze_Hound

      I’m going to submit an article about political correctness, and why liberals, and establishment republicans are pussies. Will it get published? 2% chance. Will Steve Holt’s “Hill-Dog 2016” post be published? 100%.

      5 years ago at 1:21 pm
  2. Big Dumb Idiot

    This used to be an awesome site. Now it’s run by a bunch of liberal pussies.

    5 years ago at 1:00 pm
    1. IAmInAFrat

      You most definitely don’t have to be liberal to realize that Donald Trump is hilarious, yet a ridiculous GOP candidate

      5 years ago at 8:23 pm
      1. troutsniffer88

        Ridiculous in a good way. It’s awesome to see a guy who doesn’t read his speeches off a teleprompter and has the balls to say what other candidates don’t. I believe if he’s elected he will be one of the best jobs presidents this countries ever seen, protect our border so we stop letting these illegal fucks in, everyone should have to be registered into our tax payer system, and we whipe the fuck out of ISIS.

        5 years ago at 11:13 pm
  3. Millard Fillmore

    Easily the closest we’ll ever come to having a real-life Eric Cartman as POTUS.

    5 years ago at 1:43 pm
  4. InHoc04

    TFM isn’t liberal, they (like most Republicans) want to win back the White House. Trump would lose to Hillary, bottom line… We need a real candidate who can win. I’ll take laps, but that’s the truth.

    5 years ago at 2:00 pm
    1. Ron_Paul_2016

      See I think you are wrong. I think Trump can beat Hillary. History shows that whenever a radical republican takes on a radical democrat republicans usually win. However if he goes up against Bernie he will lose in a landslide

      5 years ago at 3:39 pm
      1. FrattyTrappings

        Bernie is a much more radical Dem than Hillary. Hillary (while a lying, moronic scumbag) is still a capitalist. Sanders is a self-declared, PROUD socialist. Socialism is further to the left than progressivism.

        5 years ago at 4:17 pm
      2. johnnyblueballs69

        he calls himself democratic socialist but if you listened to him talk about his policy it isn’t really “socialism”. Its just some progressivism (outrageous min wage for example) mixed with anti crony capitalism. Still a lib, not voting for him.

        5 years ago at 9:36 pm
      3. Mark Daniels

        Whatever you may think Hillary is fairly moderate as far as Dems go, far more so than Sanders at least. Both would mop the floor with Trump in a general election simply because he’s offended too many key demographics already with his statements.

        5 years ago at 4:42 pm
      4. Jdm58

        Trump will beat either den candidate. If he goes third party.. We’re fucked. As long as he’s treated fairly, like the rest of the candidates, and does not secure the primaries in the process then this is a non-issue. If he wins, then the majority of republicans have spoken. End of story. Tfm has little sway over the decision making of the voters and these articles are neither funny or persuasive; it’s getting annoying at this point. Keep this kind of shit on a forum… Oh wait.

        5 years ago at 5:40 pm
      5. troutsniffer88

        You’re absolutely insane if you think Bernie sanders would wipe the floor with Trump.Even the Dems Dont want free education

        5 years ago at 11:08 pm
      6. fratsohardUn1versity

        Bernie would get demolished. I am calling it now either Joe Biden or some other old school dem like Kerry or Gore will run. The dems bet it all on Hillary hoping to use the whole PC first women president or your a mysoginist campaign. The same way they used the vote for the black guy or your racist. Now that Hillary is facing trial, possible jail time, and has been straight outed for lying time and time again, her popularity is way down the tubes (As it should be she makes Frank Underwood look honest by comparison) She is almost unelectable at this point. The Dems are scattered and in panic. They’ll throw some old school big name out there like Biden and see if they have a shot.

        5 years ago at 11:07 am