The Dallas Cowboys Have Lost So Many Games That They Are Worried About Their Reputation

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When you think of the Dallas Cowboys, do you still think of “America’s Team?” The same team that dominated the ’90s and won three Super Bowls? Or do you think of the team that suffered through the Dave Campo years, didn’t really do shit with Bill Parcells at the helm, won with Wade but didn’t produce in the playoffs, or that’s been under .500 in all but one Jason Garrett season?

If you’re a kid born in the late ’80s or early ’90s, you probably remember them as champions. If you’re a 20-year-old, then you don’t ever remember them winning shit. A reporter asked Jerry Jones’ son Stephen Jones the question “Do you worry that there’s a generation of kids who don’t know the Cowboys as champions?” Here is his response:

“Of course,” Jones responded. “I mean, I’m worried every day that we don’t get a championship. You worry about that all the time. That’s why we’re very aggressive in trying to get there. It’s just not acceptable in our minds that we haven’t been able to win a championship in so long. I do worry about that. I worry about that all the time.

“I worry about that with older fans, that they finally say, ‘We’re done.’ That’s why we try to do everything we can to show respect to our fans, to do things that I think are good things that our fans think are good things for our team. But at the end of the day, as I said, it’s all about the game and it’s all about winning a championship, and we got to get that done.”

Well no shit, Stephen. If you’re so worried about winning a championship, why are you signing and drafting players with character concerns? Why are you not taking a shutdown corner — which is a need — in favor of a running back (even if Run-DMC just broke an elbow)? Zeke will be a great player, no doubt, but the Cowboys offense is already loaded when Romo is healthy. The defense? It’s shown improvement, but still has ways to go.

We used to argue at FOX Sports about how long you have after winning a championship before you can finally start feeling anger towards not winning. The consensus was about 10 years. The Cowboys are now at 20 since their last championship. It’s no wonder that the younger generation doesn’t see the Cowboys as winners.

[via Sports Day DFW]

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    1. NeverGonnaFratuate

      All those championships really helped them get to four wins last year.

      8 years ago at 2:01 pm
  1. Cleetus

    Anyone who still thinks the Cowboys are ‘America’s Team’ is fucking retarded

    8 years ago at 1:27 pm
    1. Cleetus

      Gonna get down voted by a bunch of delusional cowboys fans but I guess ya gotta let em win at something

      8 years ago at 1:36 pm
      1. Cleetus

        Your team is trash and you’re an overrated pussy who will never amount to shit

        8 years ago at 1:45 pm
    1. MollieStevenson

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      8 years ago at 3:35 pm
    1. Fratty_Roosevelt

      False, the rag tag team of high schoolers are Still beating the Cowboys.

      8 years ago at 4:36 pm
    1. txstatePKE

      And if Peyton couldn’t even play till he was 40 then how can you? Your bones are made of glass

      8 years ago at 2:09 pm
  2. Henry_Eighth

    Saying the offense is loaded when Romo is healthy is like saying TFM is good when Wally Bryton, Kramer Smash, and Dr Franzia write well.

    8 years ago at 1:47 pm
  3. ImHereForTheGangbang

    Forget a championship. This franchise has won a whopping two playoff games in the last 20 years. Both wild cards. The fucking Cardinals have accomplished more as an NFL franchise in that timeframe.

    8 years ago at 2:08 pm
  4. the fratness monster

    My cowboys starter jacket from the 90s hanging up in my parents’ attic is a relic from the past when the Cowboys were actually great. Those days will never return as long as Jerry is the GM.

    8 years ago at 2:11 pm