The Fun Police Are Pissed That LSU Is Building Massive $84M L-S-U Shaped Lazy River

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A lazy river is the perfect addition to any college campus. Texas Tech has one, and LSU is currently building one as part of a major renovation of the school’s recreational facilities. Personally, I’m all for it. It’s another reason to not go to class, and that, my friends, is what college is all about.

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who don’t want us to have nice things. They live for ruining our fun. These fun-suckers aren’t too happy about building the river since LSU is in the midst of the whole bankruptcy thing.

From EAG News:

“The fact that we can build this pool on one budget while the university is sinking on another shows that overall there is a problem with the way universities finance their work,” LSU Faculty Senate President and professor Kevin Cope told 103.5 FM.

Well, Kevin, from what I’ve been told by our resident LSU guy, the money that funded the project was voted on by students back in 2011 for that exact purpose. The students voted to raise their student fees to fund it, and it’s not touching any of the budget. It was earmarked exactly for that, and they can’t change it anyway. So suck it, Kev. This shit is happening whether you like it or not.

The best thing about this whole project? They put this baby right behind a bunch of fraternity houses too. I give it two days before that water is forever unclean.

[via EAG News]

Image via LSU Recreation

  1. Rigginsthecat

    When I think Louisiana, especially LSU, I think of nasty, dirty things. This should not happen. So many infections will result is this “pool of filth”.

    5 years ago at 2:59 pm
  2. Texas Tux and Oil

    Doesn’t top Texas State having a real tubing river with no alcohol restrictions through the middle of the campus.

    5 years ago at 3:00 pm
      1. Russell McCockiner

        It says in the article that this was raised with student fees and not the budget, but fuck reading right?

        5 years ago at 5:26 pm
    1. McFrat

      Right, because a giant lazy river is what prospective students automatically think about when they consider going to LSU…

      5 years ago at 3:45 pm
      1. MenSince56OX

        You’re right… they probably just think of everything smelling like corndogs.

        5 years ago at 4:03 pm
  3. USArmy

    Where was the uproar when Dorn submitted his plans to his HOA for the enormous kiddie pool in his backyard?

    5 years ago at 3:37 pm
  4. JustForTheStory

    I have to agree with the fun police hear. Assuming LSU students can’t opt out of student fees (can they? I know one can at some schools), this is basically forcing some students to pay for something of zero academic value that they may not want.

    Go home, Obama.

    5 years ago at 6:52 pm
    1. Harrison Lee

      The difference between Obama and what LSU is doing is that the students voted to raise their student fees to fund it, Obama would do it even if the voters didn’t want it.

      5 years ago at 9:53 am
      1. JustForTheStory

        Ya, but how many people actually vote for these things? 10% of the student population? I feel when you’re spending $84 million you should at least have quorum.

        5 years ago at 11:13 am
    2. Chedda B 225

      Judging by your spelling of “hear” you are well versed in things of zero academic value

      5 years ago at 12:49 pm