The Internet Obliterated Us For Posting A “Shark Shotgun” Video

Hello, fine people of the internet. We have recently come under fire due to a polarizing video we posted on Instagram and Twitter, and I want to talk about it. Start a dialogue.

One guy, who quote tweeted our post while ripping the main guy in the video and suggesting that he kill himself, pulled in over 82,000 re-tweets. Tomi Lahren even chimed in, saying the video made her sick. Multiple news outlets picked it up, too. Here’s one. Here’s another. And another.

Just three days ago, we posted a video of a guy presumably on spring break, shotgunning a beer by using a shark’s teeth to puncture a hole, or multiple holes, in the side of it before bringing it up to his mouth and spilling much of his Michelob Ultra on the beach. The video is below.

Read through the replies to this tweet. It’s real ugly. People are claiming animal cruelty, white privilege, and everything in between.

This guy here thinks the guy should kill himself. Many others seem to agree.

It makes Tomi Lahren, the polarizing ultra conservative with aggressive takes, sick.

Are sharks endangered? If so, what kind? This is a funny tweet, though. Brad is a great douchey white guy name.

What an unbelievably obvious fact this is.

I’m guessing it didn’t. That shark looks dead.

The race card has been played, then played again many, many times after this one.

I think I’m supposed to have a take at some point, or defend our decision to green light the video, so here it goes. I can admit that it’s in relative poor taste, but it’s not so bad that it deserves all this attention, or even close to it. This is just the next thing that the angry internet mob is seeking their teeth into. Dead animal + spring break + Brad = a perfect outrage formula.

The shark is very likely dead when this video is filmed. Whether or not you believe in catching and killing sharks for sport is going to have to be a debate for another day, because it’s not relevant to this video. The outrage is over the slamming of a beer into the shark’s teeth. Did using the shark’s teeth to puncture a beer upset the shark? I don’t believe so, because it was dead. Is it disrespectful? Yeah, maybe a little.

If I was dead and someone hollowed out my skull to use it as a bong and uploaded a video of it, would I be upset about it? Probably not. Because I’d be dead, thus blissfully unaware what was happening. It’s disrespectful as fuck, I get it, but also I’m a human being with human being rights and human being friends and family members who will have to deal with all that. It still wouldn’t bother me, though, on account of being in the afterlife already.

We also have zero context here, so any accusations made against Brad are based on this six-second clip alone. Did Brad catch the shark? Did Brad find a dead shark on the beach with a fishing line coming from its mouth? Did Brad and his boys Connor and Dustin wrangle the shark in the surf and drag it up on shore? I don’t know, man. And neither do you. The guys are in swim trucks and drinking Mich Ultra on the beach. They don’t exactly look like shark killers who just wrapped up a deep sea fishing excursion.

A couple final notes here: 1) I love sharks. Anyone who knows me knows that about me. They’re badass apex predators and I am very on board with them. And 2) I’m not Brad. I just shared Brad’s video.

    1. SharkWeekTFM

      I stand with Big D here in almost every way. It’s hunting or death or whatever, all things sharks are very familiar with. Even if it were alive it wouldn’t have hurt the shark. Regardless, it does appear to be dead and not one of an endangered species. Imagine you went hunting and just popped one on the antlers of a buck. Not illegal, not torturing I living creature. I don’t see a problem.

      3 years ago at 12:56 pm
      1. until a shark bites someone, they go out and kill 10 of them and no one bats and eye. Fuck these bleeding hearts.

        3 years ago at 1:07 pm
      2. SharkWeekTFM

        You gotta balance the calculating, logical mind with a caring, sympathetic and giving heart. We won’t thrive without that balance in ourselves or our communities. Unfortunately the outrage demonstrated here does not have that.

        3 years ago at 1:15 pm
  1. FratShannon69

    What’s the difference between a liberal and puppy? The puppy stops whining when it grows up.

    3 years ago at 12:17 pm
    1. RonSwansonsLeftNut

      Whats the difference between a liberal and a suicide vest? A suicide vest actually does something when it’s triggered

      3 years ago at 12:23 pm
      1. TheOldMan

        So he’s going to make well-intentioned but totally incompetent comments, and you’re going to pardon him for it. Right?

        3 years ago at 4:35 pm
  2. Saber and Key

    Not gonna lie, “alpha chai tea latte” made me chuckle. Fuck these whiners though

    3 years ago at 12:23 pm
  3. That drunk brother

    Out of all the luge and shotgun videos posted, this is the one that pissed people off…

    3 years ago at 12:30 pm
      1. Rosa Parks

        You sir will never be pardoned. May god have mercy on your soul and hobos enjoy skullfucking your dead corpse

        3 years ago at 11:03 pm