“The League” Series-Long Blooper Reel Is The Most Hilarious Blooper Reel Ever

%22The League%22 Series Long Blooper Reel Is The Most Hilarious Blooper Reel Ever

There’s no question The League is the one of the greatest television shows ever made. The actors are improvisational geniuses who capture exactly what every guy wishes he and his friends were witty enough to do.

Seven seasons of hilarious insults, debauchery, and terrible Andre hats come together in this series-long gag reel that is 90 percent Nick Kroll losing it in the middle of pulling a Ruxin. I don’t know why, but I always kind of thought it would be Paul Scheer who ruined most of the takes. Turns out the guy’s stone cold, and commits so hard it’s often Steve Rannazzisi (Kevin) who runs head-first into Andre boner.

It’s honestly impressive they finished any of these episodes. If I was working on a project with a guy like Jason Mantzoukas running around as Rafi, I don’t think I’d be able to get through a single take.

If you’re on mobile, click here to watch.

Demo Reel Highlights:

– Sophia Ruxin yoga stretch at 0:28
– Classic Nick Kroll at 0:55
– “Seed S I” at 1:54
– Great Rafi/Taco 4th wall moment at 2:06
– Paul Scheer at 3:10

The complete series DVD set drops June 14 with more demo and gag reels, which means it should be on YouTube right around the same time.

Second Harvest, bro.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

  1. Henry_Eighth

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man that was the most hilarious blooper reel EVER!!!!

    8 years ago at 11:25 am
  2. Back In My Days

    Rafi would consume and shit you out within ten minutes like he does booze and the show would be just fine.

    8 years ago at 11:29 am
      1. RageEveryDay

        The saddest part is anyone that was in college when the indiegogo fundraiser started has already graduated.

        8 years ago at 12:03 pm
      2. GeebsNotGeeds

        You say that as though it was college students who donated to this abortion.

        8 years ago at 1:04 pm
  3. Fratman begins

    Fuck Steve Rannazzisi (the actor who played Kevin) for lying about being in the World Trade Center during 9/11.

    8 years ago at 1:04 pm