The Top 30 Most Fun Colleges, Per Business Insider


College is the best four years of your life, as the saying goes (it’s not, by the way. Great, but not the best). When you’re spending a chunk of your “good years” at college, you’ll want to head off to somewhere fun. A place where you can not only get an education, but also let loose and rage your face off.

Thanks to Business Insider, you can now know if you’re at a great place to do those activites. They put together their list of the top 30 “most fun” colleges in America. How did they do it? They compiled several rankings from Princeton Review. Some of the rankings they included found the top schools for social life, high student investment in athletics, lots of alcohol, and a high quality of life.

Here is what they came up with:

30. Loyola Marymount University
29. Gonzaga University
28. Wabash College
27. Auburn University
26. University of Florida
25. Florida State University
24. Rice University
23. Providence College
22. University of Mississippi
21. University of Georgia
20. Colgate University
19. LeHigh University
18. University of California at Santa Barbara
17. Whitman College
16. University of Wisconsin
15. Gettysburg College
14. Vanderbilt University
13. Southern Methodist University
12. Bucknell University
11. Virginia Tech
10. University of Dayton
9. Claremont McKenna College
8. Pennsylvania State University
7. West Virginia University
6. Syracuse University
5. Clemson University
4. Kansas State University
3. University of Iowa
2. Tulane University
1. University of Illinois

Overall, it’s not a terrible list. Most of the schools included are the ones that come to mind when you think of fun colleges — Ole Miss, Wisconsin, Tulane, Iowa, Illinois, etc. Those schools, I can accept. Why Vanderbilt was higher than Mississippi and Auburn, I’ll never know.

  1. Toon Squad

    *Insert comment about how your school isn’t on the list and how much bullshit that is.*

    8 years ago at 12:03 pm
  2. Bing Bong

    Well my school isn’t on this list. Not suprised considering my school has a day off from classes for “Cultural Reflection Day.” Fml this is a great excuse to have cracked into hard liquor before noon but I’d RATHER HAVE CLASSES. Fuck SJW bullshit.

    8 years ago at 12:09 pm
  3. Keep It Buttery

    What does Gonzaga bring to the table other than being slightly above average during March Madness?

    8 years ago at 12:10 pm
    1. nygiantgolfer

      Whitman and Gonzaga – two small private schools in Washington, one a Catholic and one a Liberal Arts. Haven’t heard the word fun used to describe either of these

      8 years ago at 1:52 pm
      1. Tsunami The PiKapp

        Anything affiliated with “Liberal Arts” is as fun as your first rectal exam.

        8 years ago at 9:33 pm
    2. frat1990

      No football team and no Greek Life? Should be on the list for least fun schools in the country.

      8 years ago at 2:24 pm
    1. beanfickersupreme

      Please explain how an all male school in the middle of a shithole city in Indiana is in the top 30.

      8 years ago at 8:36 am
  4. CommCollege69

    Where is my community college?! We had a Gatorade machine and a punching bag!!!

    8 years ago at 1:11 pm
  5. Griffordp

    What makes going to school with all dudes fun? Wabash is a poor excuse for a university.

    8 years ago at 1:12 pm