This Stoner Gives Interview Of The Year About Why He Evaded Cops

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For most, the effects of marijuana are usually relaxing. This was not the case for Jonathan Davis, a 26-year-old who led police on a high-speed chase through five Texas counties. Davis was stopped during a routine traffic stop, and because he had weed in his car, he set off blazing towards San Antonio.

Multiple agencies pursued him, but Davis was only halted when officers shot the tires of his Mazda, causing it to crash. He led police from Rockwall to just outside of Waco, where he admitted his attempt to evade police was because of his previous record.

But what really stood out was his reason for fleeing. Dallas’ FOX 4 caught up with him.

“Dang! They shootin’ at me? I ain’t even got no gun!” Also admitting that he had weed on him at the time? Guy is keeping it real.

Davis has not taken responsibility for the chase, and refers to himself as an adrenaline junkie. He considered the whole ordeal “a thrill,” which explains why he documented the entire ride live for his followers on Snapchat and Instagram. The approximate distance from Rockwall to Mclennon is about two and a half hours. Maybe Davis should look into stunt driving or racing, if he’s so worried about a job.

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    Anyone able to find this guy’s Instagram? I guarantee it’s a goldmine of content.

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