Throwback Thursday: Classic Peyton

Peyton has been all over the headlines lately. He was released by Indy in favor of drafting rookie phenom Andrew Luck. Then, he spoils the Tebowmania jerkfest by replacing him in Denver. After Bronco fans completely bought in and made the #15 Tebow jersey the highest seller in the NFL last year, they’ll now hang them in the closet and enjoy watching the future Hall-of-Famer throw on the red, white, and blue.

Let’s celebrate the next chapter in Peyton’s historic career by revisiting some of his classic videos.

Here, Peyton pushes Sprint NFL Mobile while dropping subtle hints about how dominant he is.

In Peyton’s Priceless Peptalk, he explains the reality of obtaining a six-pack for the over 23 year-old non-football player.

In this Peyton peptalk, he walks you through turning your minivan into a shaggin’ wagon.

Here’s Peyton at a Springsteen concert in a button-down and slacks, drink in hand, arm around his dime, listening to the Boss sing about America. Notice the confident head bob.

And of course Peyton’s classic United Way skit from SNL.

At the end though, Peyton is a quarterback, and a damn fine one. Watch him here as he puts Jeff Saturday in his place after suggesting to Peyton they need to pound the rock.

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