Throwback Thursday: Hall of Fame Fisherman Makes Ass of Himself On The Reg

Fishing is a great American pastime, and Bill Dance is like The Three Stooges reincarnate in one redneck fishing god’s body. This is slapstick comedy at it’s finest.

The man makes a living doing what he loves most in the world: fishing. He doesn’t mind showing these bloopers, being TFTC how stupid and clumsy people may think he is. He just wants to fish, break shit, and do thousands of dollars in damage by not paying attention to a damn thing because he’s either drunk or just doesn’t give a fuck.

The story behind his trademark Tennessee cap:

“Doug Dickey, who was football coach at UT in the late 1960s, called me one day and said he was recruiting a player in Georgia who loved to fish, and was a big fan of mine,” Dance said. “He asked if I’d drop the kid a note and put in a good word for UT. I did, and a few days later I got a couple of UT caps in the mail from Dickey.” TFM.

  1. TN1868

    I feel like he is just drunk for a majority of this stuff, or he just doesn’t really care about anything. Loved watching his show when I was little.

    13 years ago at 2:30 pm
    1. Colonel Haze 1868

      Second, I had no idea there were so many bloopers to the things he did though. I seriously could not stop laughing watching this, he could come fishing with our chapter any day.

      13 years ago at 9:17 pm