Throwback Thursday: Ventura Charges Mound, Nolan Hazes His Forehead

I’ve been watching the College World Series, and noticed that GDI Robin Ventura has been doing some commentating for ESPN. After seeing the picture of Nolan and W rocking party shades and discussing world secrets at a ballgame, I was reminded of one of the greatest sports beatdowns to ever occur:

Nolan “Old Balls” Ryan took that pledge in a headlock and fired some 103 mph shots to his disrespectful skull. This technique has since been used in bar fights nationwide, and will go down in history as another reason you don’t mess with Texas.

  1. Bropenhagen

    It’s about damn time. By far one of my favorite players and moments in baseball history. Right on up there with the antics of George Brett.

    13 years ago at 5:17 pm
    1. Haze W

      on my on down the only road I;ve ever known. Like a drifter I was born to walk alone.

      13 years ago at 8:43 pm
    1. Fratnannigans

      That’s pretty mild for where the sox are from (gdi infested south side). Go there and you will see more drive-bye hits than line drives.

      13 years ago at 5:59 pm
  2. Manchild

    In the words of Clint Eastwood, “Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have fucked with?” That’s Nolan Ryan. Butt-hurt bitch Ventura got what he deserved.

    13 years ago at 5:50 pm
  3. el DiaBro

    Did Nolan Ryan own him before or after Ventura grabbed him by the neck and dragged him to the ground?

    Also this is probably the most All-Stars there has ever been in a bench clearing brawl

    Pudge, Ryan, Baines, Sax, Palmiero, Ventura, Ozzie, Frank Thomas…

    13 years ago at 5:51 pm
    1. Modoc

      Ryan was 46 and Ventura was 26. I’d still say that Nolan dominated that fight and even if you want to call it a draw you wouldn’t expect the gray beard to work someone in there prime like that.

      13 years ago at 6:10 pm
    2. PTG Beauregard

      I’d say it was one of the half dozen good blows to the head before Pudge tackled the both of them. Which, I also love the fact that an older pitcher is willing to just start pounding this dude’s skull with his pitching hand.

      The Ryan Express – TFTC.

      13 years ago at 7:07 pm
    3. FratFavre

      Nolan owned Ventura and he never should’ve charged on a legend like Nolan Ryan. And yes I do agree there were a lot of HOF caliber players. Kenny Rogers was also involved haha

      13 years ago at 11:10 pm