Top 10 Hairstyles in Sports History

10. Randy Johnson


Randy Johnson rocked your basic power mullet, and he did it well beyond the acceptable time period (if it ever was acceptable). It was short and conservative up front, yet long and stringy on the back.

Johnson would also appear on a “10 Ugliest Athletes in Sports” list, and that’s largely due to his impressively repulsive power mullet. As a 6’10” southpaw, The Big Unit used intimidation as much as any other attribute to mow down batters. His hair was a vital aspect intimidating tactics. Secretly, I think Randy would admit that his hair was offensive. He sacrificed his appearance, albeit the dude is ugly as balls anyway, for an edge on the mound.

    1. Psichotic

      This is the only “first” that hasn’t made me want to rip the persons testicles off. Congrats!

      12 years ago at 9:28 am
    1. BrobHuggins

      Mel Kiper rocks the same hair as 50% of the NHL. I don’t think Dennis Rodman’s hair qualified as hair.

      12 years ago at 7:05 pm
    1. Grumpy Gus

      I remember reading in SI that, by the end of his life, Pat Tillman “considered homosexuals to be the most evolved and advanced people on earth”. Fuck Pat Tillman

      12 years ago at 3:38 pm
    2. fratmydickbitch

      ^this guy right here needs to be sent over to the middle east with a slingshot for protection, then get captured, and then beheaded.

      12 years ago at 3:50 pm
    3. Frationalguard

      Corporal Tillman, not to sound like a douche but the man died earning that rank

      12 years ago at 6:08 pm
    4. Jerry Fratdusky

      Masholder, I wish your dad would have pulled out and jizzed in your moms ass where you belong.

      12 years ago at 10:52 pm
    5. Frationalguard

      Enlisted in the national guard to pay for my school, then I go Active Duty officer after graduation through the SMP program. That being said, there’s an asston of guard units that have been deployed and the most decorated soldier in WW2 and one of the most ever, Audie Murphy, was a guardsman. Talking shit to someone thats dedicating his life to protect this country including your ass. NF

      12 years ago at 8:11 am
    6. funnymotherfucker

      Serious-fuckin’-ly, could you be any more disrespectful? Fuck you, you fucking fucks!

      12 years ago at 8:17 am
    7. grandfrat

      If you speak with dudes that was in his unit, they’d say he was a complete douche and probably got shot intentionally. I don’t have time for the “cool story bro” but I’ve heard from dudes who served with him, and they straight up hatted the guy. All he’d talk about is how B/A he is, and how much he gave up to be there. I’m sure I’ll get trolled for this, but for us who have served or are serving, talk to some SF guys and they’ll tell you straight up. But what do I know, I’m just some officer POG

      12 years ago at 11:53 pm
    8. Slam and Pull

      Fuck you Brochocinco, I’m a staff sergeant in the national guard and I’ve had the standard 2 deployments in 5 years. I also joined to pay for my school and make a fucking life for myself. I’ve had to leave wire and attend memorials for fallen comrades. Fun fact asshole, since 2001, the national guard has made up for 70% of deployed personnel. Chug bleach you fuckin’ communists. You are either a douchebag that has never served or a fucking marine or army corporal that went TDY to Vegas for a month. If you were my subordinate, I’d haze you out of your combat boots and make you mop the fucking hangar for good measure. FUCK YOU

      12 years ago at 8:48 am
  1. Fraternity Lifestyle

    I call my dick The Randy Johnson. Because it’s a Big Unit and it has long hair.

    12 years ago at 2:47 pm
  2. PhiGamma

    Eddie Murray looks like the kind of guy that sleeps with the ex-srat(now into lsd/hippy) chick

    12 years ago at 2:47 pm
  3. Johnny Lawrence

    “After leaving the ESPN studios, I imagine Barry ripping heaters and working in a couple games at the bowling alley, then picking up some strange and heading home for a violent sexual encounter.” – Almost made me respect a Canadian

    12 years ago at 2:57 pm
  4. BrotlebyTheScribner

    Melrose sucks. If you wanted to include a hockey player, try Jaromir Jagr, or Goldie Goldthorpe

    12 years ago at 3:02 pm