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“Tower Of Power” Is Organized Binge Drinking In Its Purest And Funnest Form

drinking games

It has been said that at any given time, we humans only use 10% of our brain’s full capacity. I have no fucking idea how brains work, so, I’m just gonna roll with this as fact. It does make some logical sense though, right? I mean, if the different parts of your brain are responsible for doing different shit, you wouldn’t need ALL of your brain ALL of the time. For example, when you’re in the middle of using the sexual intercourse part of your brain, you wouldn’t want the childhood memories part of your brain firing off all willy-nilly at the same time, would you? Or maybe you would like that, huh, you sick fuck?

But, I digress. What I do know is that, similar to my brain, my fraternity house has only been utilizing a fraction of its full potential during our social events. Until last week, that is, when we did the “Tower of Power.”

So, what is the Tower of Power?

What a good-looking question. For the unfortunate few of you who haven’t yet seen the movie 21 & Over, the T.O.P. is a multi-level competitive binge-drinking bonanza that requires players to win different alcohol-related competitions on each floor of the house in order to move up to the next floor (or level), ultimately leading to the top floor of the house where they will meet the “Tower Master.”

I fucking love this event. Partially because it’s fun and easy to pull off, but mostly because it gets everyone out of the basement for once, which is probably healthy. Plus, drinking games.

Since usually no two houses — fraternity or otherwise — are constructed exactly the same, what I’m going to do is explain how my house did it and then you can adjust the rules or setup to better fit your house. Sound good? No? Well fuck it, I’m telling you anyway.

Level 1: The Basement (Slap Cup)

Ah, the basement. All roads lead to this magical place, don’t they? The game on this level is slap cup. When we did this event, we had four large games of slap cup going so that everybody could play.

The winners of each game, which in slap cup are just everyone who doesn’t lose, receive red beaded necklaces from that floor’s “referee” that signify them as winners and allow them to move up to the next level.

Level 2: First Floor (Flip Cup)

We used our living room as well as our dining room for this event. Flip cup is a solid Level 2 game because it still involves a ton of players but you also begin to weed out more losers, which is key as you move up the tower. You can’t have too many people winning… anything in life, really.

The winners of each flip cup game receive white beaded necklaces from the first-floor ref and are allowed to move up to the third level.

Level 3: Second Floor (21-Cup Beer Pong)

We just did this shit in the hallways. Which is fine because the event is beer pong, so, not a whole lot of space is needed anyway. Plus our hallways are pretty long (weird brag), so we could fit a fair number of tables in the there. For those of you who are unfamiliar, 21-cup is pretty much just regular beer pong with 21 cups (clearly) — the major caveat being that it’s played 3 vs. 3 and the rules regarding re-rack are a bit different.

The winning trio of each 21-cup game receive blue beaded necklaces and are permitted by the second-floor ref to ascend the stairs to the fourth and final level.

Level 4: Third Floor (Beer Ball)

Beer Ball (AKA Four Corners) is a high-speed game involving focus, moderate athleticism, and experienced beer-chugging abilities. In my opinion, this is the perfect game to end the event on. We did this on our third floor (which is our top floor) on tables in the hallways.

Whoever wins the games of Beer Ball are given golden beads and are permitted entry into the chamber of the Tower Master.

Final Level: Meeting the Tower Master

You should have one of your guys sitting on a pimped-out homemade throne of some sort while wearing a ridiculous outfit to really sell the whole “Tower Master” vibe.

The Tower Master then awards those players who made it through his entire tower with prizes. We just gave the winners crowns/medals that said “Tower of Power Champion 2018” as well as a gift card to the liquor store. Because, at the end of the day, the liquor always wins.

  1. AndrewsMomsAss

    Did you hear about the explosion at the cheese factory? There was nothing left but da Brie! Ha ha I’m going to put that on Facebook!

    6 years ago at 3:24 pm
    1. jizzrag69v2

      After you pass out be sure to sign in to TFM and leave some dumpster fire comments

      6 years ago at 4:41 am
  2. Fratty Couples PGA

    I’m about to leave this website for good, and as I’ve said before, my final comment will be a list of every woman, young and old, who I slammed during college. Which format should I use?
    First name, last initial
    First initial, last name
    Initials only

    6 years ago at 11:01 am
    1. jizzrag69v2

      Sister’s name, length of time you spent whacking off while spying on her while she took a shower, length of beating your father gave you when he caught you.

      6 years ago at 11:27 am
      1. Fratty Couples PGA

        I don’t have a sister, so I’ll just tell them about the time your sister came onto me. She was so hairy that I had to refuse.

        6 years ago at 9:45 am
      1. Fratty Couples PGA

        Alright let’s kick things off.
        First one was an absolute whale (I took one for the team and didn’t bother to remember her name (might have been Jacky or something, no other details are memorable))
        Ashton, 18, DDD
        Ashlyn, 19, C or D
        Ellie, 19, DD
        Rachel, 19, C
        Sydney, 19, D
        Cameron, 19, B
        Alex, 20, D
        Meagan, 21, B
        Susanne, 20, A
        Lucy, 18, DD
        Lizzie, 18, B
        Vicky, 19, B
        This is where my memory started to get really hazy
        Abigail, 20, FFF
        Lexi, 20, DD
        Megan, 20, B
        Hope, 21, A
        Nameless girl from Delta Zeta, 21, fake titties
        There were definitely at least two more in here but I was experimenting with drugs at this time.
        Lauren, 22, DD
        Nameless local slut, 22, A
        Elizabeth, 18, B or C
        Allison, 46, DD
        Courtney, 19, DD
        August, 18, D
        Peyton, 18, C
        Hanna, 18, B
        Katelyn, 18, B
        Alex, 18, C
        Cate, 24, C
        Korean girl, 22, B
        Ariana, 23, D
        Lisa, 52, F
        And that’s about as close to chronological order as I can get. A couple of those pairs were at the same time, but in the interest of discretion, ahhh… And that rounds out college for me.

        6 years ago at 10:09 am
      2. AndrewsMomsAss

        She probably has 6:30 breasts! They both point to the floor! Ha ha I’m going to put that on Facebook!

        6 years ago at 9:56 am